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HD Researchers Report - Fantasy Masks

There are tales that are told in the heartland of every country that speaks of monsters that reflect the fears of the community. Each of these stories has its own unique flair and can tell you much of those who live there if you know how to listen. Researcher Mac Thaidgh was tasked with researching a few classics and determining what he could learn about the facts behind the lore. His success was varied and included one incident that is becoming the focus of a special inquiry.

Leprechaun Mask

Lucky Leprechaun St. Patrick’s Day Mask

In their homeland, the Leprechaun is seen as a mischievous spirit obsessed with protecting its pot of gold from the mortal world. With the strong Irish roots of America, it's no surprise that this beasty has found its way to America's heartland. It seems to have undergone a fundamental change, however. Instead of merely being mischievous, it has become downright malevolent. Where once it might have filled your shoes with nails, now you would find it full of deadly spiders, for instance.

Researcher Mac Thaidgh provided a strikingly detailed account of its appearance, which we used in the construction of this Leprechaun mask. The way he described its crazed eyes, sharp teeth, and the glint of light off the buckle on its classic pork pie hat left us wondering just how close he got. This fantasy mask mirrors his description in every particular, including the greasy, stringy texture of its hair. It comes in a full over the head design with a chest piece with a recreation of the tattoo that Mac Thaidgh was very insistent that we get correct.

Swamp Hag Witch Mask

Swamp Hag

The next stop on his journey brought Researcher Mac Thaidgh to the New England area with its rich forests, bogs, and of course swamps. He went from town to town seeking information regarding sightings of the foul creature known as the swamp hag. His team spent many days walking among the moss-covered Hemlocks, knee-deep in a fetid mosquito-ridden water followings hints, and tips. It was when he called back with an incident report and a description that we knew he hit pay dirt.

His description was incredibly detailed, speaking of the moss-ridden leathery skin of the hag, her milky white eye, and hair that seemed to be a near living thing of its own. This Swamp Hag With mask features durable latex meticulously painted to reflect the swamp tainted leather skin of the hag and her milky white eye.

Zombie Scarecrow Mask

Rotted Zombie Scarecrow

The heartland of America is home to many tales that are blood-chilling in their details. Familial violence, murder, and worse can all be found if you know where to look. One story, oft-told, is that of farmers who would dispose of some troublesome scamp and hang them up where none would think to look. In the middle of their fields warding off crows. An equal number of stories recounts what happens when these corpses rise to take their revenge on those who wronged them.

Researcher Mac Thaidgh spoke nervously, wringing his hands as he described this creature to us. He spoke of how it whispered through the corn, calling the name of the farmer as the skulls of crows clacked around its neck. A fetid, rotting smell wafted across the wind as it rustled its way through the cornfield in which it had been hung. The zombie scarecrow mask reflects all the visuals of his description and is made with the same quality and precision of this line. We find that this fantasy mask goes quite well with our zombie hand offering and a flannel shirt.

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HD Researchers Report - Classic Monster Masks

Depending on who you ask classic horror films are genius works of fiction. The authors and producers are some of the most exceptionally dark geniuses of the cinematic age. One of our team, Head Researcher Larisa Rennel, is of a slightly different opinion. Her dedicated team hunts down the roots of these works of “fiction” to find their inspiration, and the following results of her researh now reside as part of our extremely detailed and professional Classic Monster Masks collection.

Esmerelda Witch Mask

Esmerelda Witch Mask

The history of the small land-locked country of Moldova has had its share of tragic stories. One such story happened during the dark days of the European plague, in one of the many towns decimated by the black death. They made an arrangement with a local vrăjitoare, or witch. She offered to end the plague in the village provided that they never speak her name again. Any who dared speak her name from that day forward would call her forth returning the horrors of the plague with her. She is known as Esmerelda; her Moldovan name lost to history.

The Esmerelda Witch Mask best fits the description Researcher Rennel’s team was able to obtain, though she will not speak of how. Made with durability in mind, this mask may last nearly as long as the tale that inspired it. Every haunting detail was lovingly hand-painted just as our skilled craftsman carefully placed every hair. Your mask is sure to get many startled responses at your Halloween Party or Haunted House this year, and many to come.

Possessed Spawn Carnage Mask

Possessed Spawn Carnage Mask

Many haunting tales come from those who share a life with the sea. The roiling briny depths are fathomless and home to many a fish tale that will leave you as chilled as the Baltic Sea Air. The Spawn Carnage mask was discovered by one of our research teams as they were investigating the New England coastline. During the day these towns are welcoming enough, but at night the dark of the night sea takes control, and strange beasts are said to wander.

This mask meticulously details one such beast, with its signature fishy appearance and an iconic double row of lacerating teeth. The mask will fit fully over your head, providing a seamless appearance that is realistic and easy to work into any costume. Lurk near lakes, rivers, or just in the shadows of your Haunted House to get a great scare.

Evil Pumpkin Mask

Evil Pumpkin Mask

If you’ve ever wondered what happens if you disrespect the lore of Halloween, this Evil Pumpkin mask may be a clue. A team of researchers sent to rural America found tales of an ancient spirit of the pumpkin. This malevolent beast was said to rise when the days were drawing short, and the suns warmth fled the field. If a proper offering weren’t left, then this evil pumpkin spirit would come and collect its due from your flock, or even your children.

Those who would speak of it only did so in hushed whispers, but that was enough for our team to recreate its distinctive appearance in this pull-over mask accurately. Made with high-quality latex and painted by talented artisans this, and all of our Classic Monster Masks, make a distinct addition to any haunted house or Halloween Party.

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Our Favorite Horror Villians

With thousands of horror movies available on the market from every conceivable source today, it can be a little hard to pick the perfect villain out of a lineup. With incredible classics like Freddy Kreuger and Jason Vorhees mixing it up with new stars like Samara and Kayako Saeki how are we even supposed to choose? It wasn’t easy but we took the time to select a few of our favorite villains from the horror genre to share with you. This set of bad guys (and girls) really stands apart from the crowd.

Michael Myers mask

Halloween’s Leading Man, Michael Myers

We have to start with a classic here as Michael Myers just become an icon of everything that’s great about horror films. Add in that the remakes of the original films have done nothing to dull his frightening intensity and you’re left with all the things that make a horror villain great. Utter silence, a murderous intent, and it all being done from behind a mask of emotionlessness. And, for a site like TheHorrorDome.com, we can only bow down at the undisputed king of Halloween Masks.

The Entity From It Follows

If you’re out in the world being sexually active, you’ve already got one specter of sex following you. That would be the fear of STD’s. The Entity from It Follows is what happens if a ghost and an STD come together and have a horrid horrid baby. To become The Entity’s victim, you have to have sex with someone who is currently being followed by it. This passes it on to them, and they can only get rid of it by doing the same. Once it has its sights on you it will hunt you down, or the person you passed it on to. This doesn’t get you out of it though, if the one you passed it to dies it’s coming back for you.

The Babadook

Mr. Babadook from The Babadook

No matter what you thought of this film you have to agree that the horrid creature that is Mr. Babadook is enough to give anyone nightmares. That creepy white face with the too perfect teeth, the dark encompassing black of its presence, and that terrible sound it makes makes it one of our favorite villains. We find him utterly bone-chilling and disturbing, and all the more-so for the depression and sorrow that he represents.

Samara From The Ring

Samara is an example of existential terror wrapped up with a fear of vengeance in the perfect little box. That’s right, a child. There is nothing so terrifying as children in horror, especially since they spend so much of their time in real life talking to things that aren’t there. If you didn’t side-eye your TV after watching the Ring, you’re made of stronger stuff than I.

These four represent our favorite beasties, pulled from the annals of old and new. While we’re always open to looking at new villains to inspire our favorite scary costumes and Halloween masks, none of them will ever quite take the place of these incredible leaders of horror.

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Child's Play (2019) - Our Review

One of the riskiest parts of putting a review of any movie out there is how much it depends on the subjective view of the one writing the review. That being said you might want to buckle up because we were absolutely not impressed with the newest Child’s Play, aside from it's ability to inspire a new line of scary masks and movie masks. Well, that’s partially true. We actually think it’s a great horror movie and deserves all the respect due to a great addition to the genre. When it comes to considering its place as part of an honored franchise, however, we found it left a little to be desired. Both things can be true, hear us out.

Child’s Play As A New Horror Film

Let’s get this straight before we begin, this movie is absolutely a great addition to any horror fans collection and we’d be dirty liars if we said anything else. The cast really works well together and the idea that we could wind up with an AI Enhanced distant cousin of Teddy Ruxpin going berserk is present and topical. The relationship between mom and son is a little wanting, but we think that’s just part of the delivery the creator of this film was going for.

Thankfully the kid has Detective Mike Norris to lean on, a neighbor in their apartment building who takes the kids warnings a little more seriously. My Buddy Luke… we mean the “Buddi” doll has a menacing voice that is positively bone-chilling thanks to the inclusion of Mark Hamill as the voice actor for it (It also doesn’t hurt that he’s a long term fan). The way he plays off the dolls attempts to please the child that is its master is perfection itself.

An AI Empowered Doll misinterpreting the signals it receives from its “master” and causing horror and mayhem is a great plot for any horror film.

Child's Play 2019

Child’s Play As Part Of The Franchise

Except, hold up a minute there son, that may be a great horror plot, but it isn’t Chucky. Chucky was a doll, and things got weird because it was a doll. Robots are meant to walk and talk, and that loses some of the horror right from the start. It's the vile acts he commits that bring us back to that, but too little too late for a Child’s Play movie.

We also need to pay attention to the fact that there were other themes being explored in the early Child’s Play that can’t be reiterated when the villain is an AI. The original story followed the path of an already twisted human making pacts that went sideways, and always striving to get back into his human form. This isn’t a Chucky Movie… It’s Isaac Asimov meets Arthur C Clarke in a next generation horror movie showdown. Entertaining, but not what we came to see.

In the end, we’ll leave the final assessment of the movie up to you. We personally feel that it loses something as a Child’s Play film, but as a new type of horror film following new themes, we feel it has an immense amount of potential. It will be interesting to see where the inevitable sequels take us, and whether it retains the same charm as the older Child's Play films, as well as where the new Child's Play TV series takes us.

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Scary Halloween Masks - Featured Collection

Scary Masks
Scary Masks
Scary Masks
Scary Masks

Do you want to be a ghastly demon, bent on spreading pain and agony throughout humankind? Perhaps you'd like to play an undead bloodsucker who swoops down from his castle to feast on the townspeople at night. Maybe you want to let your mind take a vacation, and dress as a braindead zombie, stumbling and bumbling through the dark, in search of juicy flesh. Whatever type of monster you want to play this Halloween, you can be sure find it in one of the Scary Masks at The Horror Dome.

These cinema-quality, over the head designs are hand detailed for maximum realism. Manufactured from premium latex, they are highly durable, and sure to be crowd pleasers, year after year. Outfit a group of friends and roam the land as a horde of walkers, or stage a fake alien invasion. Add captivating and creepy new characters to your professional haunted house, or shoot a budget horror flick with a freaky supernatural villain.

Unsure of what you want to be this Halloween? Browse this collection of the Scariest Halloween Masks from The Horror Dome. One of these murderous mugs is certain to jump out at you (not literally, though).