Slipknot Masks


    Rock the gruesome look of Iowa's premier nu metal band with Slipknot Band Masks from The Horror Dome. Pay tribute to a truly unique act with these authentic-looking designs. Whether you're showing respect for the late, great Paul Gray, getting down with the keys and sampler like you're ""133,"" or screaming your brains out in an instantly recognizable Corey Taylor mask, you'll love the realistic look of these premium Halloween masks.

    Hand detailed by the twisted, yet highly skilled craftspeople at The Horror Dome, Slipknot masks make amazing costumes, and will freak out your neighbors regardless of how they feel about the band. Get together with friends and go as the entire band for Halloween, or attend a concert in style with a maggot mask. Made from durable latex, these Halloween masks are ideal for wear in the pit during the hardest song of the set.

    Add a severely off-putting Slipknot room to your haunted house and treat your guests to nightmare-inducing mayhem, or crash the masquerade ball with your band of metal heads and show the squares how to party down

    8 products

    8 products