Clown Costumes

With a history stretching back over thousands of years, clowns have been haunting humanity's dreams since Ancient Egypt. These disturbing creatures have served many roles, from a harbinger of dark gods to socio-political commentator. Underneath it, all is a wicked fabric with one aim in mind, the control of humanity and the consumption of the light of joy. This line of Halloween costumes is the culmination of research of clowns throughout the ages and the horrid things they bring into the light of day.

Our "Wares the Clown" costume brings Halloween imagery together with inhumanly large hands that reach right into your soul. "Last Laugh The Zombie Clown" is what happens when these already heartless creatures lose their lives and join the ranks of the walking dead. Be ready to punch your ticket for the afterlife, or a ride with the horde. Are you looking for a classic horror clown image? You have your choice of Tim Curry or Bill Skarsgård's take on Pennywise the Clown.

No matter your relationship with clowns, you're sure to know a coulrophobe who'll experience a moment of pants-wetting terror when you pop out of your box of horror in one of these clown costumes.

Please note our Clown Halloween Costumes are FOR ENTERTAINMENT and/or HALLOWEEN DRESS-UP ONLY - does not actually condone stalking your neighborhood!

51 products

51 products