"Last Laugh the Zombie Clown" HD Studios Pro Halloween Costume

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When zombies invaded the circus tent, this affable jester put up a good fight, but eventually he was overcome, and now hungers for brains in the night. Bitten by an infected beast, Last Laugh the Zombie Halloween clown has one thing on his mostly-dead mind; feasting on living humans. He walks through town with his undead brethren taking a chomp out of anything that might be flesh. Don't let his happy demeanor fool you, this walker is trouble. Fear of zombies or fear of clowns? Congratulations, you get them both with the Last Laugh the Zombie Halloween costume. Designed and crafted by the talented artists at The Horror Dome, this unique character plays off of two popular phobias. Nobody will be laughing when this brutish bozo enters the room. Turn heads at the next costume party, scare the socks off the local trick or treaters or entertain guests at your haunted house as the one and only zombie clown.

One Size Fits Most, costume comes with Studio Quality Mask with attached Chest and Studio Hands. All Hand Painted and Haired for the most Realistic Look Possible. You Wear your own Clothes for a sure fit.