Alien Animatronics


    Starting as early as the writings of H.P. Lovecraft, cosmic horror and the fear of the unknown have served as a cornerstone of terror. The vastness of space is crawling with things beyond our comprehension and serves as home to beings that we can’t even begin to comprehend. Our alien animatronics are designed to capture the horrors of the furthest reaches of space and bring them to your haunt in gory detail. You’ll find the traditional little green men side-by-side with a classic cousin of the chest-burster, and a purple-people eater whose theme song is far too cheery for its devilish appearance.

    If you’re looking for Halloween Animatronics that will bring a bit of Sci-Fi terror to your haunted house or Halloween gathering, look no further. Every piece is carefully constructed by our expert craftsman, and the monsters use the same high-quality latex you’ll find in our professional-grade Halloween masks. With our Sci-Fi and Alien Animatronics collection, you can be certain your next horror gather is out of this world.

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