Halloween Ghost & Ghoul Masks

You don't believe in ghosts... You tell yourself this over and over again, as if you stood any chance of reasoning with the goosebumps on your skin. Suddenly, at the end of the dark hallway, a supernatural apparition appears and your worst fears are confirmed. The spirit world does exist, and it's coming for you.

Browse this selection of Ghosts and Ghouls Halloween Masks from The Horror Dome and discover a wide variety of fantastically ferocious characters. From mutilated, basement boogiemen who creep through the house at night feasting on scraps, to bloodthirsty vampires who seemingly live forever, and classic specters whose anguished souls can't escape to the afterlife, there's something for everyone in this line.

These full, over the head latex masks offer a professional, seamless look when worn with a jacket, shirt or top. Hand painted, detailed and haired by inspired and demented artists at The Horror Dome, these creepy creations are both cinema-quality and collection-worthy. Add a devious new ghoul to your haunted house attraction and take your fright game to the next level, or craft an unforgettable costume for trick or treating around the neighborhood. The choice is up to you.