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Halloween Masks

Over the past decade, has climbed to the top of the heap of Halloween Mask shops. With the highest attention to detail, we hand-hair and hand-paint all of our exclusive Halloween Masks ensuring you the highest-quality for the most affordable price. Whether you are dressing up this year, or adding to your personal collection, our pro quality Halloween Masks are the right choice. Our selection of exclusive Halloween Masks can only be found right here at, including our best-selling viral hit Alien Mind Control Halloween Mask and many more!

  • Horror Dome Signature Halloween Masks

    Featuring our exclusive collection of high-quality Horror Dome Signature Halloween Masks. Hand-painted, hand-haired and only available at!
  • Alien / Sci-Fi Halloween Masks

    Dress up as your favorite fictional creatures with our Alien / Sci-Fi Halloween Masks, from first contact with friendly greys to domination by our new evil alien overlords.
  • Bloody Halloween Masks

    Not for the faint of heart, these gory Bloody Halloween Masks will leave everybody squeamish.
  • Classic Monster Halloween Masks

    Looking for something a little more timeless for Halloween? Our Classic Monster Halloween Masks feature the creatures you've known and loved for years.
  • Fantasy Halloween Masks

    Escape to another world, as a dragon, wizard, troll or more with our Fantasy Halloween Masks.
  • Ghosts & Ghouls Halloween Masks

    It wouldn't be Halloween without a ghosts, ghouls and other demons and restless spirits. Honor the true origin of the holiday with our Ghosts & Ghouls Halloween Masks.
  • Horror Clown Halloween Masks

    Everybody loves the juxtaposition of the horror clown - what else is so scary that's meant to be pure fun? From Pennywise to Killer Klowns, we have them all in our Horror Clown Halloween Masks
  • Licensed Movie Halloween Masks

    Dressing like your favorite movie character couldn't be easier than shopping our Licensed Movie Halloween Masks.
  • Halloween Movie Prosthetics

    If you want a true Hollywood movie quality disguise, then skip the mask and enhance your own face with our Halloween Movie Prosthetics.
  • Realistic Human Halloween Masks

    Are you looking for a little less "monster" and something more human? Stay within reality and try one of our Realistic Human Halloween Masks.
  • Scary Halloween Masks

    Halloween is for scaring people, right? We've collected all of our scariest masks right here, in our Scary Halloween Masks!
  • Silicone Halloween Masks

    Now these masks are something special. These premium products will blow your mind because they mirror your facial features below, making them virtually indistinguishable from a real face. Check out our Silicone Halloween Masks.
  • Slipknot Halloween Masks

    One of the most popular and successful metal bands of the past 20 years, Slipknot truly exemplify the art of costume and effects. They've taken that to the next level by licensing a full line of Slipknot Halloween Masks.
  • Value Halloween Masks

    Are the premium Halloween Masks out of your range? If you're on a budget, we still have a great selection of Value Halloween Masks.
  • Zombie Halloween Masks

    With the success of The Walking Dead, and re-emergence of the genre, what's more popular these days than the zombie? Start your own zombie horde with our Zombie Halloween Masks.

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