Take your fright game to the next level with Halloween masks from The Horror Dome. When realism matters, turn to the best. These amazing designs are hand detailed, painted, and haired by twisted and talented craftspeople for maximum effect. Whether you're running a professional haunted house, freaking out your neighbors, or going to a bumping costume party, you want an unforgettable character that will strike fear into the hear of all those who cross your path.

Walk the post-apocalyptic Earth as an undead zombie, make invasion plans as an evil extraterrestrial, haunt the enchanted forest as a terrible troll, or send the local trick or treaters running for the hills dressed as a psycho killer clown. From classic movie characters to original creations, there's something for everyone in this impressive, macabre selection.

Full, over the head masks, made from premium materials, these designs provide a Hollywood-quality seamless look when work with a shirt or jacket. Browse today and find a new ghoul for your atrocious attraction, a bone-chilling brute for the masquerade ball, or add an interesting item to your collection of ghastly gear.

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