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Halloween Masks

Make Halloween Truly Memorable with Masks That Terrify & Amaze

Get ready for Halloween 2024 with our huge selection of Halloween masks. Finding the perfect mask to complete your costume or spooky decor has never been easier. Browse top styles like horror icons, animals, pop culture characters, scary clowns, witches, and so much more. With affordable pricing and fast shipping, we have thousands of Halloween masks in stock, ready to ship to your door. 

At the Horror Dome, we're committed to making your Halloween experience truly memorable with our stunning range of Halloween masks. Every mask we offer is meticulously designed to incite fear and add an unforgettable thrill to your Halloween festivities.

We have everything from ghosts, ghouls, and aliens to your favorite horror movie characters.

Capture the Essence of Horror with Our Detailed Latex Masks

Whether you're planning to be the scariest at a party, create a spine-chilling haunted house, or give the neighborhood kids a good scare while trick or treating our Halloween masks are designed to exceed your expectations. Made from high-quality latex and crafted with attention to detail, our masks capture the essence of horror, ensuring an unparalleled fright night for you and everyone you encounter."

Adult Masks Exclusive Collection for Unparalleled Horror, Fantasy, and More

All our Halloween masks for adults are fashioned from the highest quality latex by our terror-inspired craftsmen to give the most realistic horror experience to everyone you encounter during your masked escapades. Each of our Halloween mask lines brings its special flair to the design, from our movie-quality HD Studio Masks to our Ultra-Realistic Silicone Halloween Masks that turn your every movement into a fresh dose of horror to your costume.

Finding the Perfect Halloween Mask for Your Next Haunted Event

When creating a memorable haunted event, the right mask can make all the difference. At the Horror Dome, we take pride in offering a wide array of scary Halloween masks that are sure to steal the show.

Exclusive Designs: A Mask for Every Theme

No matter your haunted event's theme, we have a mask to match. From deranged clowns to vengeful spirits, our collection covers an extensive range of horrifying personas that will fit seamlessly into your event's narrative. 

Professional Quality for Halloween Masks

Hosting a haunted event requires top-notch quality, and that's precisely what we deliver. Our masks are terrifyingly realistic and durable, ensuring they withstand the rigors of an event that leaves guests trembling in fear.

Why Choose the Horror Dome for Your Halloween Mask?

Unparalleled Craftsmanship: Each mask is a testament to meticulous design, ensuring a perfect fit and an eerily lifelike appearance.
Diverse Collection: From classic horrors like vampires and werewolves to innovative designs that capture modern-day frights, we have a mask for every imagination.
Premium Quality: Made from durable, skin-friendly materials, our masks are visually stunning and built to last.
Affordable Luxury: Experience the thrill of donning a Hollywood-grade mask without the hefty price tag.
Rave Reviews: Our community of horror enthusiasts consistently ranks us as their top choice for Halloween masks.

Featured masks for 2024:

Dive into our curated selection of the year's trending masks. From the mysterious allure of the "Area 51 Space Suit" to the haunting smile of "Zero the Clown," there's something to send shivers down every spine.

Seamless Shopping Experience:

  • Secure Checkout: Your security is our top priority. Shop with confidence with our encrypted checkout process.
  • Fast Shipping: We understand the anticipation. That's why we ensure quick dispatch so you can get your mask in time for the festivities.
  • Customer Support: Got questions? Our dedicated team is here to assist you every step of the way.

 Halloween Masks

When creating a memorable haunted event, the right mask can make all the difference. At the Horror Dome, we take pride in offering a wide array of scary Halloween masks that are sure to steal the show.

New  Halloween Mask

Discover the art of transformation with The Horror Dome's hand-crafted Halloween mask collection.

Each mask, a masterpiece of design and detailing, promises to be more than just an accessory. Whether it's classic horror or avant-garde designs, our latest offerings are here to set new benchmarks in Halloween fashion. 

Creepy Halloween Masks 

Curious about what lies beyond?

There's an art to making something truly creepy instead of just scary. Our line of creepy Halloween masks exemplifies this subtle distinction. While a scary mask might shock you briefly, our creepy masks linger in your psyche with their unsettling details. Through expert craftsmanship and insights into the darker corners of the human mind, each mask in this collection evokes a deeply unnerving feeling that stays with you.

Experience True Fright with Our Lifelike Latex Horror Masks

Take our Rotting Rebecca mask, for example. The soulless eyes, decaying lips, and scalp capture a specific brand of horror—one that leaves a lasting mark. Or consider the multiple tropes that make Palooka the Clown so disquieting, from clowns' inherent creepiness to his just-too-wide grin.

Terrify and Thrill with Our Meticulously Crafted Horror Mask Collection

When you want more than just a quick scare this Halloween, our line of masks delivers satisfaction through true creepiness. Their haunting visages will leave your guests unsettled long after your party ends. So be prepared for the nightmares you'll inspire with the subtle horror of our creepy masks.

Zombie Halloween Masks

Eager to embrace the living dead?

The zombie genre has come far from its humble, shambling corpse origins. Today's Walking Dead encompasses endless creepy manifestations limited only by imagination. Our zombie mask collection captures this evolution with grotesque creativity.

Classic zombie tropes get taken to new heights of horror. Undead brains ooze from cracked skulls. Skeletal jaws chatter and moan. Demented zombie clowns cackle with mirth at the thought of feasting on flesh. Other designs hybridize zombies with vampires, werewolves, and swamp creatures.

Every gruesome detail of our premium latex zombie masks has been hand-crafted to unsettle. The delicate textures evoke the feeling of decay and unlife. Oozing wounds, exposed tendons, trailing viscera - no aspect of zombie rot goes unexplored.

Within this nightmarish horde, you will find inspiration for a zombie persona that grabs you. Mix and match elements from multiple designs to conceive your unique abomination. Then, complete the look with tattered, blood-spattered garb.

If you hunger for horror, sink your teeth into our zombie mask collection. The Walking Dead has never looked so revoltingly real.

Clown Halloween Masks

Intrigued by the royal shadows?

Welcome to the Sinister Circus, where our collection of creepy clown masks awaits to creep and delight! Beware the big top filled with demented jesters and possessed performers, eager for new victims to torture.

Maniacal killers, bloodthirsty zombies, and all manner of sadistic clowns fill our ranks. Gaze upon their menacing grins and ponder which of these nightmarish fiends will come for you when our evil circus hits town.

Handcrafted in gruesome detail by talented artists, our professional-quality masks ensure maximum spine-chilling realism. The over-the-head designs allow full-headed horror that will haunt both neighborhood trick-or-treaters and hardcore haunt enthusiasts alike.

Gather your sinister clown posse to prowl the night in a clown car, seeking tender flesh and sweet candy while spreading terror. Our scariest clown masks will leave an unforgettable impression of unease at any Halloween gathering.

The big top of horror welcomes you! Come one and all to gasp in delight at the creepy clowns in our collection – if you dare!

Vampire Halloween Masks

Drawn to the legends of the night?

Behind the grotesque visage of each mask lies a story waiting to be told. Our collection of horror masks gives form to your darkest imaginings and deepest fears.

Will you become the undead revenant seeking lost vengeance? Slip on the Rotting Zombie mask and shuffle forth with vacant eyes and putrid flesh. Or perhaps a vampiric temptress with ravenous appetites calls to you? Reveal your true, bloodthirsty nature behind the Velvet Vampires.

From classic monsters to surreal oddities, there are myriad realms of terror to explore. Each mask transforms you into the embodiment of horror you never knew lurked within.

Yet beneath the haunting facades, a hint of humanity remains. Glimpse the lingering tragedy inside the Creepy Clown's laughter. Feel the Grim Reaper's weariness after centuries of harvesting mortal souls. Their stories yearn to be told.

When you don the skin of monsters, you may find hidden truths about the human condition. And discover that the most terrifying masks are the ones we wear ourselves. Our collection invites you to embrace the darkness and walk in worlds that stir your deepest fantasies and fears.

Dare to wear the mask and see what lies beyond. A story all your own awaits.

Alien Halloween Masks

Intrigued by the otherworldly? 

The skies open, and extraterrestrial terror descends! Our collection of alien masks draws from the deepest reaches of science fiction, personal encounters, and cosmic nightmares.

Behold leering alien visages like the classic big-eyed Greys, their black stare harboring cryptic intentions. Feel the primal horror of Carnage, an alien abomination akin to the legendary "Thing." Or witness the insanity of "The Victim," evidence of an otherworldly presence festering in the mind.

Each mask encapsulates our darkest imaginings of what alien life may harbor. The troll's demented grin hides cosmic secrets, while the Reptilian's slit pupils emanate ancient intelligence. Every subtle detail evokes the mystery and menace of forces beyond our world.

Crafted from premium latex with exquisite attention to realistic textures, our alien masks are out of this world. Give flesh to UFO lore and sci-fi legend this Halloween. Summon your inner space invader and obscure your humanity behind extraterrestrial traits.

The truth is out there; it wears one of our alien masks to walk unnoticed among us. Believe it at your peril...

Gory/Bloody Halloween Masks

Tempted by the macabre?

Brace yourself for carnage with our grisly selection of bloody Halloween masks. These gore-soaked creations capture the visceral spirit of slasher horror in gruesome, lifelike detail.

Drenched in rivers of crimson and layered with sickening textures, each mask embodies the nightmarish potential hiding within reality's dark corners. The Clown's smile drips with fresh vitae. The Spider's mandibles glisten with the sheen of newly spilled entrails. No classic phobia goes unexploited.

Shotgun Blast Head reminds us how even the undead can be dispatched in an explosively gory fashion. Neck Stump playfully ponders the limits of living without one's brain. And Puppetized reflects the disturbing loss of free will and humanity itself.

Expertly handcrafted from premium latex, no aspect of bone-chilling mutilation goes unexplored. Oozing lacerations, shredded sinew, exposed brain matter - our grisly touches elicit cringes and screams.

Slip into a skin of carnage and terror this Halloween. Our bloody masks promise an unforgettable experience for both the wearer and the spectator. Gore hounds and haunt enthusiasts unite and delight in the ultimate terrified reactions to our sticky, dripping, macabre masterpieces.

Ghost and Ghoul Halloween Masks

Are you curious about the entities from beyond?

Beware, for the veil between worlds has lifted. Our ghost and ghoul mask collection unleashes a legion of haunting spirits and fiendish creatures.

Face your fears as ghastly apparitions materialize...Pale specters loom, their anguished souls trapped between realms. Ghoulish stalkers with empty eyes and gnarled claws hunger for the living. Fanged vampires prowl, eternal and ravenous.

Each mask captures the chilling allure of the supernatural with exquisite craftsmanship. Every eerie detail condemns the wearer to an afterlife lurking in shadowy imagination.

Slip into these professional full-head designs and vanish completely into monstrous visages. Emerging from the darkness, you'll become the stuff of nightmares. Our ghosts and ghouls beckon...will you heed their call?

Join them to terrify and delight this Halloween. Bring chilling elegance to your haunted house or collection. Wherever their restless spirits roam, spines will tingle.

For anyone seeking spooky inspiration, this legion of the dead awaits. Come, embrace the macabre, and release your inner phantom!

Fantasy Halloween Masks

Entranced by the tales of old and new?

Venture into the darker corners of the enchanted forest with our Fantasy Masks collection. While fairy tales promise happy endings, our fantastical friends tell a different story - one filled with vicious monsters, murderous magic, and mythical menace.

Beware the creatures that lurk within this selection. Bloodthirsty vampires bare their fangs, eager to sip life essence. Devious witches and sorcerers weave twisted spells. Hulking trolls and cyclops hunt fresh victims to terrorize. Even the trees themselves may sprout writhing faces hungry for lost travelers.

Each mask transforms you into the villain at the heart of every good fantasy narrative. Our hand-detailed latex captures unsettling realism to fully immerse wearers in imagined realms of supernatural peril.

Use these masks to scare up delight and unease at Halloween parties, haunted houses, LARP adventures, trick or treating, or in your backyard. Film amateur creature features worthy of Hollywood. Wherever you wander, our fantasy collection promises to make your most fantastical nightmares spring to life.

The dark things creeping within fairy tales have emerged at last. Discover which role you will play in the unfolding sinister story. Destiny awaits!

Licensed Movie Halloween Masks

Ready to walk in the footsteps of film legends?

Step into the spotlight and become an icon of horror cinema with our officially licensed movie mask collection. Designed as faithful recreations of classic film villains, these masks allow you to embody both vintage and modern monsters from the silver screen.

Stalk the night as Michael Myers from the original Halloween or the 2018 remake, his aged mask an instantly recognizable symbol of slasher terror. Feel the winged menace of Jeepers Creepers ready to snatch up hapless travelers. Channel the demonic presence of Amityville with the twisted visage of the infamous pig creature.

From decades-old franchises to recent blockbusters, we offer officially approved replicas to thrill horror fans and collectors. Our premium latex captures every haunting detail with exquisite realism. Each mask is a wearable work of art recapturing the cinematic moments that frightened a generation.

Why limit the horror to Halloween? Bring some macabre merriment to Christmas gatherings with the shaggy-horned Krampus ready to punish the naughty. Our licensed collection opens endless possibilities.

Relive your favorite frightening films or discover new ones by becoming the villain yourself. Slip on one of our iconic movie masks and experience true big-screen monster immersion. Terror awaits its closeup!

Slipknot Halloween Masks

 Hungry for a musical metamorphosis?

Unleash your inner maggot with official Slipknot masks from The Horror Dome. Designed as tributes to the legendary metal band, our masks allow you to emulate the iconic personas of each member with authentic detail.

Hand-crafted from premium materials, each design captures the unique spirit and intensity that Slipknot fans know worldwide. Become frontman Corey Taylor, growling vocals through his signature fright mask. Channel twisted DJ Sid Wilson behind the demonic visage of "The Gas Mask." Honor late bassist Paul Gray and his eerie, stapled visage.

Our realistic masks let you fully immerse yourself in the world of your metal heroes. Attend concerts in VIP gruesome style. Coordinate full group outfits for maximum mosh pit mayhem. Bring heinous nu-metal havoc to Halloween parties and haunted houses.

Slipknot's signature mix of music and horror imagery comes alive through our collection. Pay homage to true visionaries of heavy metal with the ultimate maggot accessory. When you wear one of these masks, you wear the angst and attitude of Iowa's sickest sons.

Release your inner beast and embrace the sickness! Our officially-approved Slipknot masks will make you the envy of any true fan. Let the (psychosocial) party begin!

Moving Mouth Halloween Masks 

Eager to witness this captivating fusion of design and mechanics?

Experience an added layer of realism this Halloween with our Moving Mouth Masks. Ingeniously designed to sync with your jaw movement, these masks bring characters to life with every word and expression. Engage in conversations, elicit gasps, and truly become your character.

Realistic Human Halloween Masks

Intrigued by the art of deception?

This Halloween, manipulate perception and explore the art of deception with our hyper-realistic Human Masks. Expertly crafted with medical-grade silicone and finished with hand-painted details, these stunning masks capture every nuance of human expression and anatomy. Select from a variety of real-world faces, or customize your photorealistic persona.

Once applied, it's difficult to determine where the mask ends and you begin. Subtle expressions change with your every word and movement, from the imperceptible raise of an eyebrow to the creases and curves of a growing smile. Hollowed-out orifices reveal glimpses of your skin and eyes underneath, further blurring the line between disguise and reality.

Escape scrutiny and move undetected through crowds. Or, embrace a persona and improvise characters and accents. Become an anonymous face in a sea of people or a familiar visage - the recognizing glance of a stranger, a warm family resemblance. Endless intrigue lies in the deception.

Slip into a second skin with the transformative power of our Realistic Human Masks. Manipulate perspectives and explore the art of illusion this Halloween. When the boundaries of reality are distorted, how will others perceive you? Find out.

Silicone Masks

Curious about the pinnacle of mask craftsmanship?

Experience unparalleled realism and comfort with our Silicone Masks. Designed with precision and crafted for durability, these masks mold seamlessly to the contours of the face, providing an unmatched fit. Perfect for enthusiasts seeking the epitome of authenticity, our silicone range is in a class of its own.

HD Studio Masks

Eager for a brush with excellence?

For mask aficionados seeking the pinnacle of realism, our Silicone Masks represent the apex of the artform. Meticulously engineered using ultra-premium medical grade silicone, each mask is precision crafted to stunningly mirror the human form.

The lightweight silicone material is specially formulated to flex and move with your facial expressions, providing unmatched comfort and wearability. Advanced feathered edges seamlessly blend into the skin, creating the illusion that the mask itself is a part of you.

Choose from a series of fantastical characters - from aliens and monsters to heroes and mythical beasts. Or, work with our artists to transform your custom creation into a hyperrealistic masterpiece. Every detail is painstakingly replicated to be indistinguishable from reality.

Slip into a flawless second skin and become someone - or something - else entirely. Built to last through countless adventures, our durable silicone masks provide transformative opportunities limited only by your imagination. When you seek the pinnacle in verisimilitude, reach for our Silicone Masks. Surrender to the realism and unlock your true alter ego.

HD Studios Pro Mask 

Searching for a mask that feels as good as it looks? 

Constructed from premium materials and loaded with high-tech features, these masks set the new standard for unmatched quality and durability.

Each mask starts with a medical-grade silicone base that molds to your facial contours for a customized, comfortable fit. Feathered edges blend seamlessly into the skin for a hyper-realistic look. Advanced cooling fans and internal air channels prevent fogging and overheating during extended wear.

Integrated animatronics powered by miniaturized servomotors allow key mask features like mouths, brows, and tentacles to move in sync with your expressions. Dial-in subtle twitches to dramatic reactions with the flip of a switch.

From the meticulous hand-painted details to the high-tech comfort innovations, HD Studios Pro Masks are engineered for next-level realism and all-day wear. Take your costumes and cosplay to new heights with the perfect fusion of cutting-edge tech and craftsmanship. Discover the new standard in hyper-realistic masks.

HD Comfort Fit Mask 

Searching for a mask that feels as good as it looks?

Take your costumes and cosplay to the next level with the unparalleled realism of our HD Studios Pro Masks. Constructed from premium materials and loaded with high-tech features, these masks set the new standard for unrivaled quality and durability.

Each mask begins with a base of medical-grade silicone, providing a lightweight and breathable feel against your skin. Advanced feathered edges and flexible lining allow for a truly customized fit, adapting to the unique contours of your face.

Integrated cooling fans and an internal rechargeable battery work together to prevent overheating and fogging, even during extended wear. With the flip of a switch, fans activate to circulate air while internal vents channel heat and moisture away.

Further enhancing realism, integrated servomotors animate key elements like mouths, brows, and tentacles. Intricately designed mechanisms reproduce lifelike movements in sync with your expressions. Control everything from subtle twitches to dramatic reactions.

Take your costumes to new levels of innovation with the comfort-driven engineering of HD Studios Pro Masks. Designed for immersive realism and all-day wearability, these masks set a new benchmark for mask performance and design.


Horror Dome masks, costumes and props are not available in stores, as the manufacturer we only sell our Collector masks, costumes and props right here on our website. This insures that you will have an original Horror Dome mask design and not a cheap knock off.

Horror Dome Studios products are made thicker but are still
very comfortable so they last longer and could take much more abuse than other
Halloween products on the market. We also have Hollywood artists sculpting our
designs keeping every product we make original. Each Horror Dome product is
hand painted for the most realistic look possible. Our products are not sold in
stores so you can be guaranteed not to have the same over produced product that
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Another possibility is that one of the items is out of stock. When this occurs, the amount of that item plus its shipping will be refunded back to your card (or PayPal or check in the mail).

If your mask too loose, you can glue some new and unused sponges or sheet foam cut to size into the inside using rubber cement or silicone bathtub caulk. If it is too tight, you might consider slitting the back. However, it is very rare that a mask is too tight as our artists design our pieces with wear ability in mind.

By such and such date - we cannot make promises on delivery times, and do not accept refunds for any non-Halloween deadline. You can always email and ask.

Keep your mask on a wig stand, or something roughly head-shaped. Keep them out of heat. Keep them out of sunlight and fluorescent lighting. If the mask becomes distorted (remember latex is a natural product) use a blow drier on the low-heat setting. Store covered in a plastic bag, or in a sealed display case.

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Halloween Masks Collection at The Horror Dome

Horror Dome Studios Masks

Your horror experts at the Horror Dome are proud to present you with a collection of high-quality Halloween masks to bring a new level of fright to your life. With our collection of ghosts, ghouls, aliens, cryptids, and more, you’ll be able to steal the show during your next masquerade ball, Halloween gathering or when you Trick or Treat.

All our Halloween masks for adults are fashioned from the highest quality latex by our terror inspired craftsmen to give the most realistic horror experience to everyone you encounter during your masked escapades. Each of our scary Halloween mask lines brings its own special flair to the design, from our movie-quality HD Studio Masks to our Ultra-Realistic Silicone Halloween Masks that turn your every movement into a fresh dose of horror to your costume.

If you’re looking for the perfect face for your next haunted costumed horror event, the Horror Dome has scary Halloween masks that are sure to steal the show.