"The Graveyard Ghoul" HD Studios Pro Mask

NEW "The Graveyard Ghoul" HD Studios Pro Mask

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It seems not all corpses in this cursed burial ground are resting in peace. The Graveyard Ghouls stalks the cemetery at night, hunting for rodents and vermin, and the occasional human who is foolish enough to hop the fence during a full moon. With dead, uncaring eyes, and a vicious mouth full of sharp teeth, he feels no remorse as he tears his victims limb from limb. Stay away from his demonic necropolis, lest you become his dinner. The Graveyard Ghoul Halloween mask from The Horror Dome is a collector-worthy creation that will strike fear into the hearts of all those who glimpse his frightful mug. Hand painted and haired by talented artists for ultimate realism, this mask offers Hollywood-quality good looks at an affordable price. Wear this full, over the head design with a v neck or button-up shirt for a seamless effect that will make your terrified guests think you're the real thing. New for 2022.

The Graveyard Ghoul Features:

  • Full, Over the Head Halloween Mask
  • Hand painted for ultra realism
  • Movie Quality Hair

The Graveyard Ghoul is a collector Halloween mask offered exclusively by the experts at the Horror Dome.

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