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Halloween Costumes has made it our mission to provide both home and professional haunters with the highest quality professional Halloween Costumes for affordable, realistic prices. Our selection of exclusive Halloween Costumes can only be found right here at, including our signature line of Night Terror Halloween Costumes featuring such timeless classics as the Sasquatch Halloween Costume, the Big Bad Wolf Halloween Costume, our newest Helga the With Halloween Costume and many more!

  • Horror Dome Signature Halloween Costumes

    Featuring our exclusive collection of high-quality Horror Dome Signature Halloween Costumes. Hand-painted, hand-haired and only available at!
  • Night Terror Halloween Costumes

    From the Big Bad Wolf to the infamous Sasquatch, our exclusive premiere line of Night Terror Halloween Costumes feature the most affordable pro quality Halloween Costumes available today!
  • Clown Halloween Costumes

    Everybody loves the juxtaposition of the horror clown - what else is so scary that's meant to be pure fun? From Pennywise to Killer Klowns, we have them all in our Clown Halloween Costumes .
  • Creature Reacher Halloween Costumes

    Our larger-than-life Creature Reacher Halloween Costumes are truly unique and attention "grabbing"! Perfect for professional haunts and events.
  • Evil Twin Halloween Costumes

    Another Horror Dome exclusive, our Evil Twin Halloween Costumes will turn heads wherever you go!
  • Flesh Eater Halloween Costumes

    Some of our creepiest, goriest Horror Dome exclusive professional costumes are part of our Flesh Eater Halloween Costumes!
  • Zombie Halloween Costumes

    With the success of The Walking Dead, and re-emergence of the genre, what's more popular these days than the zombie? Start your own zombie horde with our Zombie Halloween Costumes.
  • Pro Quality Halloween Costumes

    The best-of-the-best! Whether you need to draw people to your haunt, win a Halloween costume contest or just scare the heck out of the local kids, you'll find what you need in our Pro Quality Halloween Costumes
  • Stalkaround Puppet Costumes

    Towering at heights upwards of 8 feet tall and with an armspan of 8 feet across, the Stalkaround Puppet Halloween Costumes are capable of moving its head in all directions and glaring at frightened onlookers, while his giant arms grasp and threaten with evil intent.
  • Men's Budget Halloween Costumes

    Are the premium Halloween Masks out of your range? If you're on a budget, we still have a great selection of Men's Budget Halloween Costumes!
  • Women's Halloween Costumes

    Ladies, from scary to sexy we've got you covered with our Women's Halloween Costumes.
  • Halloween Costume Robes

    What if you don't need a full Halloween Costume and just need a little something to complete the look? Check out our Halloween Costume Robes.
  • Clown & Monster Shoes

    Purchasing a Clown or Monster Halloween Costume? You'll need to visit our Clown & Monster Shoes to complete the look.
  • Halloween & Movie Wigs

    If you're not going with a mask this year, your Halloween Costume won't be complete without our high quality Halloween & Movie Wigs.
  • Hands & Feet

    No monster, zombie or alien Halloween Costume is complete without a visit to our Hands & Feet.
  • Horror & Fairy Wings

    Devil, Angel or something in between - our Horror & Fairy Wings will complete your Halloween Costume.
  • Horror Chests

    A unique addition to your Halloween Costume, spice it up with a disgusting body under that shirt. Visit our Horror Chests.

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