"The Infected Zombie" HD Studios Pro Halloween Costume

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Risen from the dead and hungry for a meal, this lumbering lard-o is on the hunt for juicy human brains and fatty flesh. With monstrous hands, there's no escaping his deadly grasp. Infected by the zombie plague, our slow-witted slob stumbles through town headed in the direction of your home. Run for your life, or fortify and fight? The choice is up to you. Either way, odds are high you'll soon be infected too. The Infected Zombie Halloween costume is a unique Horror Dome original. He's a fantastic character for any haunted house scene that depicts an invasion of the undead. Team up with friends dressed in other zombie suits, or lurk alone in the bushes and give the neighborhood kids the fright of their life. Masterfully crafted from choice materials, this quality costume is hand painted and detailed for an unsettling realistic look. Stalk the streets this year, dressed as a bloodthirsty brute.

Infected Costume Includes:

  • Movie Quality Gore Mask with attached Chest
  • Zombie Rotted Hands
  • Zombie Shirt (shirt colors may vary)

The Infected Zombie is a halloween costume offered exclusively by the experts at the Horror Dome.