"Zombie Walker" HD Studios Pro Halloween Costume

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Risen from the dead, Zombie Walkers stalk the land on a never-ending quest for fresh human brains. Overrunning entire cites, this plague of demonic undead seemingly can't be stopped. Do you run for your life, desperately trying to stay one step ahead of this murderous horde, or fortify your house and prepared for one glorious last stand against this army of evil? Whichever path you choose, your odds of survival are virtually nil. Featuring cobweb-like hair, long menacing fingers, and a rotting torso with decomposing organs on the verge of slipping out, movie-quality Zombie Walker Halloween costumes are bone-chillingly realistic. Team up with friends and terrorize the neighborhood as a family of Walkers. Of course, no haunted house is complete without a zombie in residence. Freak out your guests with one of the expertly crafted mask and bodysuit combinations. Crafted by The Horror Dome, these incredibly detailed Zombie suits will make your amateur flick look like a big budget film.

Movie Quality Zombie Walker Costume Includes:

  • Movie Quality Gore Mask
  • Attached Gore Chest
  • Zombie Rotted Hands
  • You wear your own clothes for a sure fit.

The Zombie Walker Costume is a movie quality halloween costume offered exclusively by the experts at the Horror Dome.