Ultra-Realistic Silicone Halloween Masks


When you need a highly-detailed, lifelike look, turn to Ultra-Realistic Silicon Masks from The Horror Dome. Hand crafted, painted and haired by twisted and talented artists, these stunning over the head designs are both Hollywood-quality and collection worthy. Choose from a variety of freaky characters, from decrepit old men, to bloodthirsty zombies, demented demons, soulless aliens, and much more.

Made from flexible, skin-soft silicon, these professional masks snugly fit the contours of your face and move as you change your expression. Constructed with comfort in mind, they are designed to allow for a wide field of vision, and natural hearing and breathing. These extra-durable masks will be a hit, year after year.

The ultimate in realism and detail, these impressive creations are a must-have for your haunted house. Upgrade an existing narrative, or write a whole new story around one of these freakish fellows. Give your indie slasher flick big-budget looks, or create a Halloween costume that will send the local trick or treaters running for the hills. These responsive masks look so alive and real, you'll feel like you've actually become a monster.

49 products

49 products