Slenderman: The Modern Tale Of Marble Hornets

Looming Figure In A Hall

For a while, the Creepypasta craze died down. The fandom had seemingly vanished. But, in 2018, popularity was revived when the Slenderman movie was released. The movie wasn’t as full of jumpscares as the Eight Pages games. Those games were terrifying. However, the movie successfully immersed you into the lore and toyed with your mind. For a psychological thriller, it was a fantastic movie.

The Slenderman Plot and What Made it so Interesting

Slenderman was initially marketed as a supernatural horror movie. But it lacked many of the elements of traditional horror. It wasn’t full of demons and ghosts that appeared out of nowhere and terrified the audience. It centered around the psychological struggles of four teenage girls whom Slenderman targeted. After they initially summoned him in a ritual they believed hadn’t worked, one of the girls goes missing. Wren, Hallie, and Chloe went straight to Katie’s house to find clues about their friend’s whereabouts. That was when they discovered how deep Katie was into the occult. And they learned how unhappy she was living with her alcoholic father. 

The three remaining girls contacted the same person Katie had. After talking to her for a while, they decide to try and contact Slenderman. They planned to get their friend back by offering up “that which they love the most.” Wren brings pottery she’d made, Chloe brings a photo of her dad before he died, and Hallie brings her sister’s blanket. Before the ritual started, Wren warned the others not to open their eyes. If you see him, you’ll be killed or go insane. Chloe was the one who opened her eyes, though. She sees Slenderman’s face, and it makes her panic even more. Chloe was the first to go insane.

Wren took it upon herself to search for an answer to their problems. However, during her search, she was fighting off visions put in her head by Slenderman. Hallie tried to move on, but her sister fell into a coma after a severe panic attack. Lizzie, Hallie’s sister, had gone insane too. And Hallie learned that Wren had tried to contact Slenderman again with Lizzie’s help.

This upset Hallie. And she confronted Wren about what she’d done. However, Wren explained that the sacrifices they gave Slenderman weren’t enough. He didn’t want pottery, photos, or a blanket. He wanted them. They had inadvertently offered themselves in exchange for Katie. While the two argue, tree branches shatter the window and take Wren. And Hallie realized that the only way to save her sister was to let Slenderman take her too. She sacrifices herself, allowing Lizzie to make a full recovery. No one in town knew if the girls were missing or dead, but Lizzie seemed to know. She knew they’d been killed.

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