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New for 2019: Evolve Bug in Lab Coat Signature Halloween Costume

Evolve Bug in Lab Coat Signature Halloween Costume

Now available for Pre-Order! Order now for late August 2019 delivery.

Our Signature Evolve Bug Halloween Costume is a one of a kind original design. Hand painted by our talented artists, this unique mutant is perfect for any demented laboratory or sinister hospital scene. Highly detailed, this costume makes a frightening character for professional haunted houses, a fantastic Halloween costume for scaring the local trick or treaters, and a great outfit for this year's Halloween party.

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New for 2019: "Barnabus the Skeleton" Halloween Costume

Barnabus the Skeleton Horror Costume

Now available for Pre-Order! Order now for late August 2019 delivery.

Featuring cobweb-like hair, long menacing fingers, and a skeleton torso with decomposing flesh, movie-quality Barnabus the Skeleton Halloween costumes are bone-chillingly realistic. Team up with friends and terrorize the neighborhood as a family of Skeletons. Of course, no haunted house is complete without a Living Skeleton in residence. Freak out your guests with one of the expertly crafted mask and bodysuit combinations. Crafted by The Horror Dome, these incredibly detailed Skeleton suits will make your amateur flick look like a big budget film.

The Barnabus the Skeleton Costume is a movie quality halloween costume offered exclusively by the experts at the Horror Dome.

Check out our blood-chilling collection of great new Halloween Masks, Halloween Props and Halloween Costumes, and get it in time with our fast shipping!

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Why Adults Should Celebrate Halloween

Halloween Dress Up

Once almost exclusively a holiday for kids, Halloween is being celebrated by more and more adults every year. In fact, Americans are projected to spend an whopping $9 billion on the macabre holiday in 2018, and uptick in sales can be traced to more adults dropping their hard earned dough on high-quality Halloween costumes, decorations and of course, mountains of tasty candy. Though some dispirited grownups cling to the notion that this spooky celebration should be reserved for children, many others are getting decked out in scary, cute, sexy or funny Halloween costumes and going out on the town. Here are some reasons why adults should get in on the Halloween action:

Be Someone Else for a Night

Whether you’re hitting up a bumpin’ costume party, chilling out at the local bar or club with your pals, or terrorizing trick or treaters as they roam your neighborhood, Halloween gives you a chance to play someone else for the night. Be a freak, be a monster. Show off a little skin or let your twisted sense of humor come out to play. Costumes are a great conversation starter, making it easy to meet new people. You’ll find it can be extremely liberating to play someone else for the night. You may even discover something about yourself.

Let Your Creativity Shine

Adult Male Halloween Costume
Most adults don’t get a chance to be super creative at work. If you’re crafty, have an eye for decorating, or just have a wacky idea that might make a totally unique and freaky costume, Halloween is your chance to let your creative side shine. Put that mind to good use and craft a witty look that will go viral on social media and be a hit at the masquerade ball, or carve a detailed Jack O’Lantern that will be the talk of the town.

Indulge Your Sweet Tooth

Look, candy is delicious. From silky smooth chocolate, to crunchy, crispy candies, to the classic and somewhat nutritious candy apple and the lowly candy corn, there’s something for every adult’s sweet tooth. You know what they say: everything in moderation, including moderation. Halloween is your chance to go to town on a bag of fun size candy bars or whip up a batch of cookies that feature bats, pumpkins, skeletons, and other frightening frosting characters. You’ve been good for the rest of the year, reward yourself with some Halloween sweets.

Adult Female Dress Up

Relax for Once!

The modern world is full of stress and every now and then, you need to relax and do something downright silly. Forget about your worries for just one night and enjoy a nationwide party with your fellow revelers. Singles will have a great chance to mingle with each other, and couples Halloween costumes offer a chance to socialize as a team. Sip some spiked punch, hit the dance floor and make new friends, or greet the neighborhood kids with a bone-chilling look that will give them nightmares for months. Make the most of this unique holiday, because once the sun rises, it’s back to business as usual.

Trying to find the perfect look for October 31? Check out this large collection of cinema-quality Halloween costumes from The Horror Dome.

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Rules for Dressing Up in Halloween Costumes at Work

Business Man Costume
Here at The Horror Dome, we love the idea of adults dressing up for Halloween at work. Even if you can’t go as Zombie Lurker or Helga The Witch, there are many ways to express your creativity. Research shows Halloween parties are good for workplace culture – as long as the costumes are respectful. We’ve got a few ideas of perfect get-ups that are bound to win the contest at your work this year. /div>

Study: Dressing Up in Halloween Costumes at Work Makes Us Happier

A survey of 953 full-time adult employees found that dressing up for Halloween at work is a popular tradition, openly encouraged at 45 percent of workplaces. Of those who dressed up at work, 73 percent of workers said they were “highly motivated to contribute to the success of the organization.” Just 58 percent of non-costumed employees said the same. Among the survey’s other findings:

  • 68 percent of costumed workers are proud to tell others where they work (vs. 58 percent of the non-costumed)
  • 65 percent of costumed workers would recommend their place of employment (vs. 49 percent)
  • 73 percent of costumed workers fully support the values of their organization (vs. 58 percent)
When people are allowed to dress up at work, it gives employees a chance to gather, be social, and create camaraderie. Millennials, in particular, thrive on the ability to socialize at work and express their individuality, according to the workplace consultants in charge of the survey. For employers, celebrating Halloween can be an all-inclusive event that really doesn’t have to cost the company much. It could just be an hour midday break with a cross-departmental costume contest and catered lunch. Some companies turn Halloween celebrations into charitable events, asking that employees donate $5 to a cause in exchange for the ability to come to work in costume. The company could agree to match donations to promote company values and make something fun even bigger.

Unless You Work at a Costume Store, Here Are a Few Hard & Fast Rules for Dressing up at Work

Work Office Halloween Costume

If you work at a costume store or on a filmset, you can never be too outlandish. The rest of us have to abide by some rules of basic decency. Before choosing your poison, consider these tips for dressing in costume at work:

  • Dressing as “Sexy Pocahantas” or “Frito Bandito” could be viewed as culturally insensitive.
  • If you work in a healthcare setting, angels are cute, but avoid the Grim Reaper, Devils, or Skeletons.
  • Don’t underestimate the power of a simple prop. (We’ve got amazing ventriloquist dummies!)
  • Avoid unsafe dimensions that may get in the way of your work. (Inflatable T-Rex costume, we’re looking at you.)
  • Costumes like flesh-eating zombies and “Pinhead” from Hellraiser are probably too sadistic and scary for work.
  • Halloween or not, there’s still a basic “keep it covered” dress code, so ladies – no super-sexy lingerie costumes.
  • Leave religious or political statement costumes at home. Popes, Jesus, Moses, or Donald Trump are bad moves.
  • We have meat cleavers, chainsaws, and sledge hammers available, but you’ll have to leave these at home.
  • An 8-hour work day is different than a few hours at a party. You may not want to choose a sweaty mask.

Lastly, keep in mind some religions view Halloween as a pagan-rooted holiday they’d rather not celebrate. Avoid heckling your coworkers for failing to “get into the spirit.” Employers can offer up Halloween as a “come to work in your pajamas” day for people who don’t want to celebrate.

Work Office Skeleton Halloween Costume

Cool Halloween Costumes

Not every Horror Dome costume is tame enough for work. Frankly, some of our movie-quality looks haunt us in our sleep. Yet, there are “tasteful” and “safe” options for all the “wimps” at your work party. For men’s Halloween costumes, you can never go wrong dressing as Batman. It’s a flattering suit everyone is bound to love. Vampires lean more toward handsome and alluring than creepy and disgusting. Other appropriate looks for work include circus ringmasters, baseball players, our signature Horror Dome Sasquatch, and the White Rabbit from “Alice in Wonderland.” If you don’t mind dropping a few bucks on collector costumes, you’ll love our Superman, Darth Vader, and Halo 3.

Work-friendly women’s Halloween costumes might include: “Gatsby Girl” flappers, an assortment of queens, vampires, angels, fairies, and witches, or a “Lady in White” apparition. Our premium quality Wonder Woman costume pairs up great with Batman if you and a friend or coworking spouse want to fight crime together on your breaks. The male and female skeletons are among our more popular group Halloween costumes as well. We offer several versions of Mrs. Claus because, well, it’s never too early to start “the Christmas creep!”

Visit The Horror Dome’s cool Halloween costumes page for the latest and greatest fresh designs.

Read more about adult Halloween costumes in the workplace:


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Grown-Up Halloween Costumes: Sexy or Scary?

Adult Halloween Costume Party
With more adults dressing up for Halloween than ever before, the age-old problem of thinking up the perfect Halloween costume is no longer a dilemma just for kids. Some of us start planning for this freaky holiday months in advance, while others wait till the last minute to make their decision, often choosing their costume on a whim. Whether you’ve been working on an outfit since the spring, beginning your search now, or waiting for inspiration to strike, you need an unforgettable look that will turn heads and make impressions. Halloween costumes can help you show off your true self, or allow you to play someone else for the night. They can be liberating and fun, freaky and disgusting, or ravishing and alluring. For adults, the debate about what to wear usually centers around one question: Sexy or Scary?
Vampire Woman Costume

The Case for Sexy Halloween Costumes

You’re a grown-up now, so why not act like one? If you’re going out, whether it’s a bumpin’ Halloween kegger, a ritzy masquerade ball, or a spooky night at the club, you want to look your very best. Mingle with other singles or show the world that you and your partner have it seriously going on. It’s a great chance to let go of your inhibitions and show a little extra skin.

Sexy Halloween costume ideas include the classics like nurses, maids, cops, and Chippendales, as well as popular evildoers, like vampires and devils. Come out of your shell, show off those abs or arms, and make your most wicked fantasies come true. Halloween comes but once a year, you might as well live it up!

Business Man Costume

Scary Costumes Are the Way to Go

Of course, you can look sexy every day. You can go to a music festival, bar hop with your buds, sun yourself on the beach or flex your muscles in the gym. If you want to show off that bod, you’ve got plenty of opportunities to do it all year round. Honestly, how often do you get to be a zombie, werewolf, alien, freakish accident victim, or ghastly ghoul? Unless you’re an actor shooting a movie or TV show, chances are slim you have a good reason to look grotesque and creepy. Halloween is basically the only day of the year it’s socially acceptable to dress like a murderous maniac and terrorize your neighborhood. Professional-quality adult Halloween costumes will give nightmares to anyone who crosses your path. Isn’t that more fun than just showing off the goods?

Other Options: Funny or Family-Friendly Costumes

Of course, there are other options as well. The classic gag costume is sure to be a hit and a conversation starter at the next party. If you’re dressing up with your family and trick or treating around town, you may prefer pirate, animal, clown (not the psycho-killer type), or superhero outfits that your whole clan will enjoy. For funny, and kid-friendly, as well as breathtakingly sexy and bone-chillingly scary Halloween costumes, browse the large selection at The Horror Dome today.