New for 2019: "Barnabus the Skeleton" Halloween Costume

Barnabus the Skeleton Horror Costume

Now available for Pre-Order! Order now for late August 2019 delivery.

Featuring cobweb-like hair, long menacing fingers, and a skeleton torso with decomposing flesh, movie-quality Barnabus the Skeleton Halloween costumes are bone-chillingly realistic. Team up with friends and terrorize the neighborhood as a family of Skeletons. Of course, no haunted house is complete without a Living Skeleton in residence. Freak out your guests with one of the expertly crafted mask and bodysuit combinations. Crafted by The Horror Dome, these incredibly detailed Skeleton suits will make your amateur flick look like a big budget film.

The Barnabus the Skeleton Costume is a movie quality halloween costume offered exclusively by the experts at the Horror Dome.

Check out our blood-chilling collection of great new Halloween Masks, Halloween Props and Halloween Costumes, and get it in time with our fast shipping!

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