7 Great Halloween Costume Ideas for Couples

Zombie Bride and Groom Halloween Costume
You know the old saying, “The couple that haunts together, stays together.” Check out this list of 7 great Halloween costumes ideas for couples and find the perfect disguise for you and your “boo” this year. From cute DIY costume ideas that will turn heads at the masquerade ball, to gory getups that will induce nightmares in the local trick or treaters, there’s something for every duo. Take your new fling out for a night on the town, celebrate Halloween with your spouse of many years, or make ghoulish memories with a good buddy.

#1: Zombies

Let’s start off with a Halloween classic; the walking undead. There are as many types of zombies as there are people. Are you sophisticated aristocrats who were infected at your wedding, or crass carnies who were bitten on the road? Check out zombie masks at The Horror Dome for more gruesome characters.

#2: Cop and Robber

This versatile motif can be alluring, cartoonish, or downright horrendous. Show off your bods with revealing police and prison uniforms, goof around in a retro Keystone Cop-style hat and striped jailbird shirt, or recreate the scene of a violent crime, complete with bullet holes and blood.
Zombie High School Couple

#3: Clowns

Watch out neighbors, the circus is in town. There’s just something creepy about clowns. This costume is perfect for a couple, or part of a larger group. Whether you want to be innocent jesters, or vicious killers, is totally up to you.

#4: Doctor and Patient

Looks like surgery has gone terribly wrong. Dress in blood covered OR scrubs and wield a drill and bone saw, while your patient writhes in agony. Complete the scene with severed body parts and blood from The Horror Dome.
Zombie Couple

#5: Pets

On a lighter note, who doesn’t love the family pets? A classic dog and cat couples costume is friendly, approachable, and playful. It’s a good choice for entertaining young children who aren’t old enough to be frightened for fun.

#6: Wayne and Garth

There had to be at least one Hollywood duo on this list. Celebrate the ultimate bro-mance with these sarcastic slackers. An easy DIY costume, anyone who lived through the 90s probably has the right wardrobe tucked away in a box somewhere.

#7: Little Red Riding Hood and The Wolf

These traditional fairytale characters continue to be a popular Halloween costume, year after year. Go for a cutesy combo that plays off a sort of beauty-and-the-beast attraction, or scare the daylights out of the townspeople with a vicious werewolf mask, and a murderous Red Riding Hood costume.
Whether you’re staying out all night at a Halloween rager, or simply snapping a few shots for social media and then sitting down with a bowl of popcorn and your favorite monster movie, you’re sure to look fantastic in one of these cool couples’ costumes.
Thinking up a great Halloween look for a couple is one thing, outfitting an entire professional haunted house with a cast of characters is a more daunting task. If you’re looking to bring Hollywood-quality realism to your attraction this season, check out the Haunted House Costumes selection at The Horror Dome.

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