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Halloween is just around the corner and with it a never-ending parade of Halloween parties that are sure to be a ghoulishly good time. With this spooky season coming upon us, are you prepared to make your horrifying debut for the season? The Horror Dome has an expansive collection of costumes created from first-hand reports of some of the world's pre-eminent researchers into occult and monster lore. The stories they brought back were shared with our designers who spent more than one sleepless night staring into the abyss as they brought their accounts to life via this sample of our scariest Halloween costumes.

Bigfoot Costume

Sasquatch / Bigfoot

Deep within the towering coniferous forests of the Pacific Northwest comes this classic cryptid Bigfoot costume. The Hoh forest has long been rumored to be home to these creatures, and if the haunted look in the researcher's eye is any indication the rumors are true. In painful detail, his description of this man-ape, cousin no doubt of the Yeti of the Himalayas and Skunk Ape of Florida, was extracted and recreated in terrifying detail. The next time you wander into the hallowed forests of the Pacific Northwest, take care. You may just discover this beast in person. Or maybe just buy our exclusive HD Signature Bigfoot Costume instead?

Barnabus the Skeleton Costume

Barnabus The Skeleton

Within the backwoods roads of the Midwest lay many an ancient and abandoned house that once belonged to the men and women who kept America's breadbasket full. Some of these homes are empty because their owners picked up and moved on when the big corporations bought out their farms, others have more tragic tales. The skeletal haunt known only as Barnabus is said to be one of the latter, having been found dead in his home under mysterious circumstances after refusing to sell to one of the big Agricorps. Today his land lay fallow, and our researcher has come back with tales of a skeletal figure who chases anyone who dares set foot on it. Our designers worked to recreate Barnabus in stunning detail, so this tale of midwest tragedy will never be forgotten, nor the consequences of greed.

Evolve Bug in Lab Coat Costume

Evolve Bug In Lab Coat

Throughout the world, there are labs where the darkest and most twisted of experiments take place. In man's hubris, we seek to become more than we are and to tweak the nose of god. Some labs are said to be having successes that are beyond anything we could imagine, and this strange creature is thought to be one result. Others say these are alien species working side by side with Earth-based governments for some unknown and nefarious means. Our researcher barely escaped, and it was only under the expert care of our report extraction team that we were able to get this description. The designers seemed spooked after finishing the prototype for this Evolve the Bug costume, whispering of insectile chittering in the night and strange eyes in their windows as they worked. These poor souls have since been remanded to the care of our asylum team… New Job openings are available.

These three represent the newest additions to our HD Signature Costumes collection and are available for anyone who dares mock the veil between this and life's darker side by wearing them. Your friends are sure to be spooked by their realistic design, making you the smash hit of the party. Who knows, you may even catch the attention of something else for your fashion statement. Do keep your windows locked.

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