Movie Quality Sasquatch Bigfoot Costume

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As ancient as the forest itself, this massive ape-like creature has been the subject of folklore for generations. Though hard evidence of this elusive giant is hard to come by, plenty of hikers, campers and hunters swear they exist. Monstrously large, with powerful hands that can crush bone and near-human intelligence, Bigfoot is the undisputed king of the deep, unexplored woods. Be alert for a dank, musty odor that signals his arrival. Freak out the townspeople with a Sasquatch costume so realistic, they'll swear they've seen the real thing. This Movie Quality Bigfoot Halloween costume stands over 7 feet tall and is brilliantly detailed by talented artists and craftspeople in The Horror Dome's studio. This impressive costume was used in a hoax that fooled multiple major news networks into reporting that a dead Sasquatch had finally been found. Featuring arm and height extenders, you'll tower over trick or treaters in this full-body costume.

Make a Big impression this year with our Sasquatch / Bigfoot Costume!

Movie Quality Sasquatch Bigfoot Costume Features:

  • Fits people from 5'9" to 7' tall
  • Makes you up to 1 foot taller!
  • Costumes comes with Fur suit, mask, hands, feet and muscle suit.

As seen on CNN, Fox News, ABC, CBS, Inside Edition, and every other tv news station in the country The Sasquatch Bigfoot costume is a movie quality halloween costume offered by the experts the Horror Dome. See the outfit that fooled the world.