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HD Researchers Report - Classic Monster Masks

Depending on who you ask classic horror films are genius works of fiction. The authors and producers are some of the most exceptionally dark geniuses of the cinematic age. One of our team, Head Researcher Larisa Rennel, is of a slightly different opinion. Her dedicated team hunts down the roots of these works of “fiction” to find their inspiration, and the following results of her researh now reside as part of our extremely detailed and professional Classic Monster Masks collection.

Esmerelda Witch Mask

Esmerelda Witch Mask

The history of the small land-locked country of Moldova has had its share of tragic stories. One such story happened during the dark days of the European plague, in one of the many towns decimated by the black death. They made an arrangement with a local vrăjitoare, or witch. She offered to end the plague in the village provided that they never speak her name again. Any who dared speak her name from that day forward would call her forth returning the horrors of the plague with her. She is known as Esmerelda; her Moldovan name lost to history.

The Esmerelda Witch Mask best fits the description Researcher Rennel’s team was able to obtain, though she will not speak of how. Made with durability in mind, this mask may last nearly as long as the tale that inspired it. Every haunting detail was lovingly hand-painted just as our skilled craftsman carefully placed every hair. Your mask is sure to get many startled responses at your Halloween Party or Haunted House this year, and many to come.

Possessed Spawn Carnage Mask

Possessed Spawn Carnage Mask

Many haunting tales come from those who share a life with the sea. The roiling briny depths are fathomless and home to many a fish tale that will leave you as chilled as the Baltic Sea Air. The Spawn Carnage mask was discovered by one of our research teams as they were investigating the New England coastline. During the day these towns are welcoming enough, but at night the dark of the night sea takes control, and strange beasts are said to wander.

This mask meticulously details one such beast, with its signature fishy appearance and an iconic double row of lacerating teeth. The mask will fit fully over your head, providing a seamless appearance that is realistic and easy to work into any costume. Lurk near lakes, rivers, or just in the shadows of your Haunted House to get a great scare.

Evil Pumpkin Mask

Evil Pumpkin Mask

If you’ve ever wondered what happens if you disrespect the lore of Halloween, this Evil Pumpkin mask may be a clue. A team of researchers sent to rural America found tales of an ancient spirit of the pumpkin. This malevolent beast was said to rise when the days were drawing short, and the suns warmth fled the field. If a proper offering weren’t left, then this evil pumpkin spirit would come and collect its due from your flock, or even your children.

Those who would speak of it only did so in hushed whispers, but that was enough for our team to recreate its distinctive appearance in this pull-over mask accurately. Made with high-quality latex and painted by talented artisans this, and all of our Classic Monster Masks, make a distinct addition to any haunted house or Halloween Party.

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HD Researchers Report - Halloween Props

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There are certain staples of horror that are born out of tales told by those who have lived them. Our collection of accessories and props are based on stories brought to us by those who live in mysterious areas of the world. These mist-shrouded places and the hushed voices of those who live there tell tales of dark horrors and abominations wrought by the foul beings whose essence taint the place. Our fearless researchers knew that those who live in a world of light would pay dearly to have examples of these stories brought back for them to ooo, aahhh, and scream over - this time in the form of these amazing Halloween Props.

Possessed Baby Puppet

Possessed Baby Puppet

This Possessed Baby Puppet perfectly matches the appearance of one of the more horrific tales to be returned to us. A desperate mother whose child was stillborn wanted life returned to her lost child. A dark pact made with something that whispered to her from the shadows beneath her babies crib resulted in this foul creature. Sure enough, her child was restored to life, twisted and glaring with eyes filled with hateful rage. She said he could speak when he returned to life, and gibbered about things is some demonic tongue that near drove her mad before she stove in its head with her mothers silver crucifix. A horrid tale is true, but one that brought a puppet sure to scare your friends half to death. Bring home our Possessed Baby Puppet for yourself!

Zombie Baby Puppet

Zombie Baby Puppet

Another unfortunate tale, but this one from the depths of Mongolia where a strange plague had fallen on the people who dwelled there. The dead had lost respect for the natural order of things and had returned from the grave to haunt and slay the living. A classic zombie tale, tis true, until a foul creature matching this zombie baby puppet's description clawed its way out of a pregnant mothers belly as she yet lived. Apparently birth wasn’t necessary for the disease to touch this infant as it perished in the womb. It terrorized her village for days before it was finally dispatched. Don’t worry though; this is just a puppet - which you can purchase for yourself by visiting our Zombie Baby Puppet!

Baby Werewolf Puppet

Baby Werewolf Puppet

Have you ever wondered what happens if a woman gets pregnant when she’s infected by the wolves curse? The answer lay in here in this baby werewolf puppet. The child itself was born when the moon was high in the sky and so his mother, in beast form, gave birth to this howling beast. It is said the child ran off into the woods moments after eviscerating his mother, and his wretched howl can still be heard echoing off the mountains when the moon is full. There are even those who say it grew to adulthood having never changed back into human form, suggesting it is forever locked in its half-man state. Either way, he was kind of cute as a baby, don’t you think? Take home one of our all-time bestsellers with our Baby Werewolf Puppet!

These researchers are to be applauded for their hard work in returning to us with these tales. Some of the stories came quite dear, and in one case, the account was returned to us without the researcher. The leatherbound book had deep claw marks on the cover, and strange matted grey hair was found stuck to the blood that caked it. A loss for our team and his family, but a gain for all those who love baby werewolves.

You can see these puppets and all of the work of our amazing and brave researchers by shopping our complete Halloween Props collection!

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HD Researchers Report - Signature Costumes

Halloween is just around the corner and with it a never-ending parade of Halloween parties that are sure to be a ghoulishly good time. With this spooky season coming upon us, are you prepared to make your horrifying debut for the season? The Horror Dome has an expansive collection of costumes created from first-hand reports of some of the world's pre-eminent researchers into occult and monster lore. The stories they brought back were shared with our designers who spent more than one sleepless night staring into the abyss as they brought their accounts to life via this sample of our scariest Halloween costumes.

Bigfoot Costume

Sasquatch / Bigfoot

Deep within the towering coniferous forests of the Pacific Northwest comes this classic cryptid Bigfoot costume. The Hoh forest has long been rumored to be home to these creatures, and if the haunted look in the researcher's eye is any indication the rumors are true. In painful detail, his description of this man-ape, cousin no doubt of the Yeti of the Himalayas and Skunk Ape of Florida, was extracted and recreated in terrifying detail. The next time you wander into the hallowed forests of the Pacific Northwest, take care. You may just discover this beast in person. Or maybe just buy our exclusive HD Signature Bigfoot Costume instead?

Barnabus the Skeleton Costume

Barnabus The Skeleton

Within the backwoods roads of the Midwest lay many an ancient and abandoned house that once belonged to the men and women who kept America's breadbasket full. Some of these homes are empty because their owners picked up and moved on when the big corporations bought out their farms, others have more tragic tales. The skeletal haunt known only as Barnabus is said to be one of the latter, having been found dead in his home under mysterious circumstances after refusing to sell to one of the big Agricorps. Today his land lay fallow, and our researcher has come back with tales of a skeletal figure who chases anyone who dares set foot on it. Our designers worked to recreate Barnabus in stunning detail, so this tale of midwest tragedy will never be forgotten, nor the consequences of greed.

Evolve Bug in Lab Coat Costume

Evolve Bug In Lab Coat

Throughout the world, there are labs where the darkest and most twisted of experiments take place. In man's hubris, we seek to become more than we are and to tweak the nose of god. Some labs are said to be having successes that are beyond anything we could imagine, and this strange creature is thought to be one result. Others say these are alien species working side by side with Earth-based governments for some unknown and nefarious means. Our researcher barely escaped, and it was only under the expert care of our report extraction team that we were able to get this description. The designers seemed spooked after finishing the prototype for this Evolve the Bug costume, whispering of insectile chittering in the night and strange eyes in their windows as they worked. These poor souls have since been remanded to the care of our asylum team… New Job openings are available.

These three represent the newest additions to our HD Signature Costumes collection and are available for anyone who dares mock the veil between this and life's darker side by wearing them. Your friends are sure to be spooked by their realistic design, making you the smash hit of the party. Who knows, you may even catch the attention of something else for your fashion statement. Do keep your windows locked.