"Zombie Lurker" Scary Halloween Costume

Scariest Halloween Costumes - Zombie Lurker

The day has finally come. Reanimated by a demonic spell, the dead have risen and are hungry for flesh and vengeance. They could be anywhere, behind any door, bush, or tree, or under your car, tucked in a dumpster or stumbling down Main Street in a trance-like state that leaves them oblivious to anything other than their singular mission. When you encounter one of these Lurkers, you're taken aback with terror. You turn and run, but realize you can't run forever. Soon, you will have to make your stand. The Movie Quality Zombie Lurker is part of our Scariest Halloween Costumes collection and is a hand painted and detailed Horror Dome original, that will strike fear into the hearts of the local trick or treaters. Featuring a boney skeleton covered in decaying flesh and guts that are almost falling out of his belly, this gruesome monstrosity will be a crowd favorite at the scary hayride or haunted house.

One Size Fits Most, this scary Halloween costume comes with Studio Quality Mask with attached Chest and Studio Hands. All Hand Painted and Haired for the most Realistic Look Possible. You Wear your own Clothes for a sure fit.

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