Slipknot Band Masks

Skipknot Band Masks

Our people at The Horror Dome delight in all aspects of horror, including our music. As Slipknot reigns as one of the most iconically dark heavy metal bands in the United States, we take homage to their music and welcome you to our collection of Slipknot Band Masks. Choose your favorite band member and get psychosocial with these realistic premium costume masks. Whether you want to stroke the drums in honor of Joey Jordison, scream your throat out like Corey Taylor, or just freak your neighbors out, these masks will do that and more.

All Slipknot Band Masks are hand-detailed by our skilled artists to imitate the look and feel of the authentic band masks. These Slipknot Band Masks are made with durable latex and are considered ideal for wearing at concerts, Halloween parties, or just create a nightmare inducing music video, show off your metal head style and become an icon in the mosh pit.

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