Fanged Predator Elite Halloween Mask - Featured Product

Fanged Predator Elite Halloween Mask

Hailing from light years away, the Fanged Predator Elite has arrived on Earth to hunt the ultimate game, tracking one human at a time. The strangely humanoid head and ears give credence to the theory that he was genetically engineered from samples of abducted humans. His powerful jaws and knife-sharp fangs are at the ready for when his neck victim arrives. Could he only be hunting for sport, or has he been sent to scout the Earth for an upcoming alien invasion? If you're unlucky enough to cross his path at night, you won't live long enough to find out.

Set up a horrifying haunted house with a sci-fi theme or put together a creepy aliens costume. Our signature Fanged Predator Elite Halloween mask fits completely over your head and rests on your shoulders. It's a seamless look when worn with a shirt or robe. As with all of our Horror Dome Signature Halloween Masks, the Fanged Predator Elite features the highest quality materials and is designed to last.

The Horror Dome has rapidly emerged as the go-to destination for the Scariest Masks, and our Fanged Predator Elite Halloween mask is no exception! This featured Halloween mask is a one-of-a-kind original Horror Dome production.

Our Fanged Predator Elite Halloween Mask, and other amazing Horror Dome products, can be found as part of the following collections:

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