Haunted Seattle - Haunted House and Scary Sites in Seattle, Washington

Haunted Seattle

Fans of thrills and chills don’t have to resort to cheesy haunted houses loaded with Halloween props and actors in Halloween masks if they live in the Seattle area. Jet City is known for its storied past and abundance of tragedy and horror that happened as it carved its place from the pristine wilderness that is the Pacific Northwest. For those who know these stories it comes as little surprise that the city is a hot spot for paranormal investigators and ghost hunters alike.

University Heights Center

University Heights Center

Currently serving its neighborhood as a community center the University Heights Center is known for strange activity that takes place in the depths of night. The sounds of children’s softly echoing laughter and other strange noises are known to torment those foolish enough to be found here after hours, and sometimes even during the day.

Harvard Exit Theater

Perhaps more appropriate referred to as the ‘former’ theater this building houses various office spaces, among them the Mexican Consulate to the United States. It’s history as a performance palace and haunted location is well known among the populace, and only time will tell if the recent remodel will quiet the spirits there or make them even more active.

Canterbury Ale House

There’s nothing to kick off a haunting like a good old fashioned murder, especially one done in cold blood. Within its halls lay a mirror that has been known to reveal the face of a man who was murdered by gunfire in the building some years ago. The mirror was removed during a remodel, but that doesn’t mean the spirit has moved on.

The Re-Bar

Re-Bar Seattle

The Re-Bar has perhaps one of the more unusual specters haunting its halls, a leather daddy from the 1970’s along with the woman who was the proud owner of the bar during the 30’s. If you don’t know what a leather daddy is we can only advise you not do a Google search with kids in the room. One other unusual element of the haunting is the ‘ghost stink’ that emanates from under their stage. No source has been found for the odor.

Dante’s Serial Killer

This bar was the mainstay of many college students during their attendance at the local colleges, and Ted Bundy was among the many who frequented this location. He even had a preferred booth at the notorious bar, one that has been removed in the years in between. It was also the source of one the first young women to ever fall victim to his predations.

These locations are some of what make Seattle a great destination city for those hunting paranormal experiences and the history of America’s ghosts. If you ever find your way there, don’t forget to stop by these places, and it’d be a wasted trip if you didn’t take a chance to take the underground city tour that takes you through the buried city that lay beneath Seattle.

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