"Scarecrow Skeleton" HD Signature Halloween Mask

Scarecrow Skeleton Halloween Mask

Caught stealing chickens from Farmer Brown's coop, this unlucky vagabond was murdered and stuck on a post out in the cornfield. For months his gnarly look and rancid smell kept pesky birds away from the crops, but one stormy night, a lightning bolt zapped life back into this decaying cadaver. Now he seeks his revenge on a society that cast him aside. First he brutally mauled the farmer and his family before heading into town to seek more victims.

The Scarecrow Halloween Mask from The Horror Dome is a shockingly realistic, hand detailed original creation. A mesh cover allows you to see through the gouged-out eye socket. Torn, burlap-like skin covers pale gray bone structure, exposing jagged teeth and gaping holes. One piercing blue eye seems focused on nothing but his violent intentions.

Made from premium materials, these Hollywood-quality Halloween Masks will turn heads at the masquerade ball, freak out guests at your haunted house, earn a place in your collection of macabre merchandise, and of course, make an amazing Halloween costume. Perfect for entertaining riders on this season's hayride, the ghoulish Scarecrow is a one of a kind character that won't soon be forgotten.

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