"Star Wars - Chewbacca" Movie Halloween Mask

"Star Wars - Chewbacca" Mask

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From a galaxy far, far away to a night trick or treating around your cul-de-sac, the Chewbacca mask from The Horror Dome is an instantly recognizable classic that looks like it was swiped off a Hollywood lot. This wonderful Wookiee has been a favorite of both children and adults for decades. Han Solo's faithful best friend and sidekick, this Chewy mask makes for an unforgettable costume on your own, and works even better when you get friends or family to accompany you dressed as other Star Wars characters.

With layered hair for a realistic, blended look, and a lifelike latex nose and mouth, you'll be celebrating Life Day in style with this full, over the head design. Hand detailed by talented craftspeople this mask will turn heads at the costume party and entertain the kiddies on Halloween. Create an intergalactic sideshow at your haunted house and pair Chewy with a host of other classic big-screen ETs. Fans of both horror and sci-fi will appreciate this wooly behemoth.

Spend the afternoon fixing up the Millennium Falcon, and spend the evening searching for delicious candy with this amazing mask.