"Zombie Riser - Rib Cage" Graveyard Halloween Prop

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Whether caused by cosmic radiation from a passing comet, a government bio-warfare experiment run amok, or a curse from the demonic underworld, the dead are beginning to rise, walk the Earth, and feast on the living. Rib Cage is trying desperately to push himself up from the soil of a nearby cemetery. A somewhat fresh burial, his rotting skin still retains some of it's original hue, though his odor is just as foul and his bite just as infectious as any zombie in the horde. Perfect for creating a bone-chilling graveyard scene, the Rib Cage Zombie riser Halloween decoration is a movie-quality prop that will be the talk of the neighborhood this holiday season. Hand painted and crafted by the experts at The Horror Dome, this undead beast features a shockingly realistic look that will induce nightmares in the local trick or treaters. Greet guests to your haunted house with this murderous menace in the front yard.