"Zombie Mega Mask / Chest" Halloween Mask

"Zombie Mega Mask / Chest" Halloween Mask

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As a full moon casts its pale glow over a sleepy town, and odd series of events begin to take place. The morgue is suddenly empty; cadavers disappear without a trace. The graveyard starts to rumble, as if a highly-localized earthquake is striking. Soon, decaying hands start reaching out of the soil, desperately trying to pull their bodies above the ground. It's the day we've all feared. The zombie apocalypse has begun.

Create a striking costume with the Zombie mega mask and chest plate from The Horror Dome. This amazing latex design is hand detailed by talented, yet twisted artists. It's a full over the head mask with an attached chest plate depicting rotten, decaying skin and exposed bones and guts. Worn with an unbuttoned shirt or open jacket, this creation will give you a seamless, Hollywood-quality look. Add a new character to the undead horde at your haunted house attraction, freak out the local trick or treaters, or shoot your own zombie movie with big-budget looks. Add some torn up clothes, latex zombie hands or extra-large gloves, and you're all set for a night of spreading terror.

100% latex piece. Full over-the-head mask. One size fits most adults.