"Zombie Lady - Grey" Halloween Wig

"Zombie Lady - Grey" Halloween Wig

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Not all Zombies are disgusting, decaying, rotting and repulsive. Some of them can even be downright ravishing. The Zombie Lady seems like a totally different ghoul than the brain-dead, bloodthirsty walkers from the movies and TV. However, deep down, she's infected with the same wicked virus. Make small talk at the cocktail party, but don't get too close. She may lean in and take a bite out of you when you least expect it.

The Zombie Lady wig from The Horror Dome is a versatile Halloween costume accessory that can help you craft a stunning outfit for the masquerade ball or a spooky night at the club. This long, greenish-grey wig looks unkept and messy, but has a certain allure to it. It's a perfect match for a tattered dress and some inspired makeup. Designed for a snug fit and a natural look, this premium wig is Hollywood-quality.

Add a new character to your haunted house, trick or treat around town with your family, or take a few fabulous selfies for social media and spend the rest of the night watching horror classics on TV. The choice is up to you.