"Zombie Head" HD Studios Halloween Prop

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Show off your trophy from a victorious battle with the undead. This Zombie head was separated from its body by a swinging axe during the bloody and ruthless zombie apocalypse. You post it on your front porch as a warning to all those who may intrude without permission. From his glassed-over, mucus-filled eyes, to his decaying skin and rotting teeth, this disgusting demon is a prime example of the otherworldly evil humankind is up against. Movie-Quality Zombie Head Halloween decorations are bone-chillingly lifelike. Designed, painted and haired by expert craftspeople at The Horror Dome, these odious orbs are the perfect items to welcome trick or treaters into your home, craft a zombie-infested fright room inside a professional haunted house, add some grizzly gore to your next costume party, or use as a prop in an indie film. Unique, incredibly detailed and well-made, they're wonderful additions to any collection of ghoulish goods.

Movie Quality Zombie Features:

  • Movie Quality
  • Hand Painted and Haired for the most realistic look possible
  • Foam filled to keep shape

The Severed Zombie Head is a movie quality halloween decoration is offered exclusively by the experts at the Horror Dome.