"Zombie Doctor" Value Halloween Costume - Adult

"Zombie Doctor" Costume (Adult)

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When the zombie uprising began, this brave neurosurgeon tried to save a few of the early victims. He thought he could reverse the effect of the zombie virus by regrowing normal, healthy brain tissue with stem cells. Unfortunately, the new cells were no match for this ravenous virus. Eventually, one of the patients broke free of the harnesses and the good doc was bitten. Now he roams the land looking to devour what he once worked to heal; human brains.

The Zombie Doctor Halloween costume from The Horror Dome is a full body design that features torn scrubs that reveal rotting flesh and bones. It comes with a grotesque zombie mask that features undead, uncaring murderous eyes, grey, wrinkly skin, and a ferocious mouth. Medical accessories like rubber gloves and a face mask are also included.

Spend Halloween roaming the town with your friends or family dressed as a horde of walkers, add a new character to the zombie room at your haunted house attraction, or take a few social media pics for your friends at med school to enjoy. This Zombie Doc is sure to leave an impression at the next costume party or masquerade ball.

Shirt with fully detailed, rotted chest attached, pants with rotted knee exposed, rotting zombie mask, surgical mask, cap and latex gloves. Standard Adult size fits 140-200lbs. Polyester, cotton, pvc, latex rubber. Coat not included.