"Zombie Baby" Halloween Prop - 16"

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The fully grown aren't the only ones affected by the Zombie apocalypse. It seems this terrible tyke has been infected with the curse of the undead. Now, he'll spend the rest of his existence crawling around looking to refill his bottle with human puss. Hungry for meat, he's quite literally an "ankle-biter." Don't let him get a chomp of you though, even if few baby teeth can break the skin and infect you with the Zombie virus.

The Zombie Baby Halloween decoration from The Horror Dome is a 16" tall prop that will cause your guests to do a double take. Featuring a bald dome, whited-out, dead zombie eyes, decaying skin, and a mouth full of tiny, razor sharp teeth, he's truly a disgusting sight to behold. Made from high-quality latex and hand detailed, you won't feel comfortable turning your back on this lifelike design. Put the finishing touches on an undead uprising scene at your professional haunted house attraction, or plop him on the porch to freak out trick or treaters on Halloween. The Zombie Baby also makes a wonderful addition to any collection of macabre merchandise.