"Witchy Woman" HD Studios Pro Halloween Mask

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Deep in the heart of a dark, unexplored forest, a coven of witches cooks up a dastardly brew. Bubbling in a broth made from venomous snake blood and the rancid milk of feral cats, they dump in fresh meat; mutilated woodland animals, and severed human limbs. This Witchy Woman wants you for her grotesque soup. Swooping down on her broom, you feel her gnarly jagged fingernails across the back of your neck. Whether you're casting spells on neighbors who have crossed you, terrifying local children on a scary autumn hayride, looking for an amazing character for the next costume party, or adding to your collection of macabre merchandise, you'll find this Horror Dome original is a well-made mask with intricate detailing. Featuring glossed-over, dead-seeming eyes, wiry cobweb colored hair, a caved-in throat, and rotting, disgusting teeth, this sinister Halloween mask will turn heads. Heat up the cauldron and begin making your own terrible potion today.

Witchy Woman Features:

  • Full, Over the Head Halloween Mask
  • Long, Realistic Hair
  • Designed and created in the USA by the Horror Dome

Witchy Woman is a collector halloween mask designed and created in the USA by the Horror Dome.

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