"Witch Doctor's Revenge" Professional Halloween Illusion Prop

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Traveling all the way from the distant shores of Haiti to your hometown, the Witch Doctor is a dark magician for hire. Do you have a bone to pick with someone? Were you betrayed by a friend, made a fool by your enemy, or just can't stand a coworker? When voodoo dolls and curses aren't enough, order up the Witch Doctor's Revenge and for a handsome sum, you can watch your victim shake and scream in pain, and beg for the release of death. The Witch Doctor's Revenge Halloween decoration is an amazing centerpiece that can complete an creepy cajun or creole scene. Featuring an actor, this illusions makes it appear as if their torso was severed just above the waste. Your guests won't believe the shocking realism of this brilliantly designed prop. Manufactured by the experts at The Horror Dome, this hand detailed product offers a strikingly authentic look.