"Wicked Witch" Women's Halloween Costume - Adult

"Wicked Witch" Costume (Adult)

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Everyone knows, the Wicked Witch throws the best Halloween cocktail party. Hob nob with all your favorite goblins, ghouls, and ghosts, while being entertained by this darkly charming host. Be careful not to drink too much though, partygoers who pass out on the couch are rumored to end up in this malevolent maiden's wretched stew.

You'll be the life of the party with the Wicked Witch adult Halloween costume from The Horror Dome. This fantastic costume set features a front-zip mini dress with purple pleats and cut-out sleeves. No witch outfit would be complete without a large pointy, wide brim hat. This costume with the classic which hat. All you need is a pair of black stockings, great shoes, and maybe a broomstick, black cat, or magic wand.

Host your own masquerade ball or bumping costume party, or simply take a few selfies and retire to the couch with a bowl of popcorn and your favorite scary movie. Whether you're going out on the town, or handing out candy to trick or treaters all night, you'll look completely ravishing in this popular dress.

Zipper front mini dress with purple kick pleats, cut out sleeves and witch hat. Size small/medium 2-8, Size medium/large 10-14.