"Wicked Witch" HD Studios Comfort Halloween Mask

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This Wicked Witch devours children and the elderly by snatching her victims and putting them in a bag and dragging them to her cave to be devoured, Regardless of how this terrible witch commits her deed, the outcome is almost always gruesome.

The Wicked Witch is part of new line of comfort wear masks. Featuring a full frontal latex face mask, the Wicked Witch has an attached hood to keep the illusion of a full mask while keeping your comfort in mind. 

This new line has been designed with your comfort in mind and is perfect for trick or treating and/or haunted house use. These Mask and Hand Sets have been designed to keep you cooler than a normal mask, while still giving more comfort and that great Horror Dome design and realism. Made in the U.S.A.

Our Comfort Fit products offer the following Benefits.

Light Weight

More Comfortable to wear than a normal Mask or Hand Set

Better Breathability than normal Masks or Hand Sets

100% Made in the USA