"White Angel Wings" Halloween Costume Accessory

"White Angel Wings" Halloween Costume Accessory

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When temptation seems irresistible, we all need a little angel on our shoulder to help us make the right decision. Whether you're the voice of a thoughtful and caring conscience, or a playful spirit who plays a trick or two of your own now and again, you'll find the White Angel Wings from The Horror Dome will top off the perfect costume. Wear them with a white dress and mask for a ravishing outfit for the next masquerade ball, or pair them with a toga for a classic heavenly look.

Velvety soft and lightweight, these wings will be a joy to wear, from the beginning of the party to the last dance of the night. Pamper your guests in a paradise or play Cupid with a group of your friends. Dress as any deceased historical figure, and wear these wings for added effect -- that is, if you think they made it past the pearly gates.

Crafted from high-quality materials, this costume accessory won't let you down when the party heats up. Remember, just because you dressed up as an angel, it doesn't mean you have to act like one.