"Werewolf Monster Hands" Deluxe Latex Halloween Costume Gloves

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What was that in the bushes? Suddenly, your skin rises in terrified goosebumps and your secluded campsite doesn't feel so safe. The locals warned you about camping out under the full moon, but what do those yokels know? Your nostrils catch an unpleasant whiff of a unique stench composed of half human BO and half wet dog smell. Through the darkness a mighty Werewolf Hand extends and grips your ankle. At once, you are stolen into the night, the meal of a carnivorous humanoid wolf. Deluxe Werewolf Monster hands go perfectly with almost any ghoul, ghost, witch, werewolf or vampire mask for a professional-quality costume that will have the neighborhood kids running in terror. Crafted by the brilliant, and slightly twisted, artists at The Horror Dome, these devilish hands feature pale, veiny flesh and ferocious black fingernails. Designed to extend up your forearm, they'll provide a seamless look when worn with a long sleeve top.

Deluxe Latex Werewolf Monster Hands Features:

  • Lifelike, Movie Quality
  • Tight Fit to Ensure Realism
  • Hand Painted for Realistic Look

The Deluxe Latex Werewolf hands are hands offered exclusively by the experts at the Horror Dome.