"Werewolf Chest Plate - Grey" Halloween Costume Accessory

"Werewolf Chest Plate - Grey" Halloween Costume Accessory

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When a full moon rises over the horizon, normal, well-meaning townsfolk are transformed into ferocious Grey Werewolves. No one knows why the wolf-man gene is so prevalent in your hometown, but the fact is, once a lunar cycle, murderous beasts take over this quaint village. You're sure to be safely secured in your house's panic room by nightfall. On security inside it's reinforced walls, you watch furry madmen circle your property, looking for any way in. Luckily, they don't seem able to find one.

The Grey Werewolf chest plate from The Horror Dome is a high-quality latex accessory that will give any wolf-man costume a professional touch. Highly detailed by talented craftspeople, this movie-quality design attaches with back straps that are easily hidden by any shirt or jacket. Wear it with an unbuttoned or unzipped shirt, hoodie, or jacket. This chest plate, along with werewolf gloves and a great mask will make a stunning combination.

Turn heads on Halloween, mingle at the costume party, or freak out the local trick or treaters with a werewolf grey chest plate accessory. Add a new character to your haunted house attraction, or simply snap a few amazing selfies and relax on the couch with a bowl of popcorn and your favorite monster movie.