"Ventriloquist Dummy" HD Studios Pro Halloween Mask

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You're the Dummy... no YOU'RE the Dummy! That classic bit never gets old, until the Ventriloquist Dummy takes matters into his own wooden hands, and stabs his master to death. Brought to life by an ancient spell, evil curse, or errant bolt of lightening, this mischievous madman can snap at any moment and go on a killing rampage. A psychotic personality matched with a cruel sense of humor, he always has a big laugh at his victims expense. The Ventriloquist Dummy Halloween mask is a unique design from The Horror Dome. Hand painted and detailed by our inspired artists and craftspeople, it's frighteningly lifelike, Hollywood-quality, and collection-worthy. Perfect for a haunted house that features demonic sideshow-type attractions, this amazing character pairs well with an undead zombie ventriloquist. Perform a ghastly puppet show as the murderous Dummy. Honestly, who can blame him for is violent transgressions? You wouldn't seem so cheery with a hand up your backside either.

Ventriloquist Dummy Features:

  • Full, Over the Head Halloween Mask
  • Nice, Wooden Accents
  • Hand painted for realistic look

The Ventriloquist Dummy is a collector halloween mask offered exclusively by the experts at the Horror Dome.

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