"Vampiress Rose - Black" Halloween Wig

"Vampiress Rose - Black" Halloween Wig

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Create an alluring and exquisite look this Halloween with the Vampiress Rose wig from The Horror Dome. This Hollywood-quality creation is crafted by talented artists, and designed to look like the real thing. A large, bouffant-style wig with long curled black locks draped down to the wearer's shoulders, this unique costume accessory features a bright red rose adornment.

Pay tribute to the late, great Amy Winehouse with a cute dress and Amy's signature makeup, or craft a ravishing vampire queen character who will be the star of the masquerade ball. The dark Vampiress can be a blood-sucking murderer who lures young men and women into her chamber for a decadent and deadly feast, or a charismatic, Elvira-type emcee who leads visitors through your haunted house.

Manufactured from quality materials, this durable design will last you through many nights of trick or treating with the family, dancing at costume parties, and entertaining guests. Bring home a well-made costume accessory from The Horror Dome and get your creative juices flowing. Soon, you'll have an entrancing new alter ego who is ready to meet the world.