"Vampire - Straight Black Hair" Halloween Wig

"Vampire - Straight Black Hair" Halloween Wig

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Turn heads at the masquerade ball with a stunning Vampire Wig from The Horror Dome. These amazing wigs feature straight, jet-black hair that stretches all the way to mid-back length, and dark and devious V-shaped bangs. Designed to fit comfortably, you'll love wearing these fantastic wigs from the minute you leave the house to the end of the late-night costume party.

Wear them with a black corset and tights, and drape a cloak around your shoulders. You'll have an instantly recognizable vampire look that will tempt and terrify. Entertain guests at your home on Halloween, hand out candy to the local kids, or create a mesmerizing character for a professional haunted house. Producing a play or independent movie? These Hollywood-quality black wigs are perfect for wear on the stage or screen.

Like all haunt merchandise from The Horror Dome, wigs for vampire costumes are made from premium materials and built to last. Craft a ravishing vampire outfit, and have a go-to costume for years to come. Give yourself a gorgeous goth look, anytime of the year, with these fabulous accessories.