"Vampire Prowler" Halloween Animatronic

"Vampire Prowler" Halloween Animatronic

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What ancient predator lurks these woods? Is it a devilish vampire who pounces on the lone hiker, sucks them dry and leaves them for dead? Is it the lycan wolf with jaws strong enough to snap your neck like it's a twig? It's even worse than you can imagine. The Vampire Prowler is a combination of the two. An imp bitten by a werewolf, or a lycan bitten by a vampire? As you collapse in his powerful paws, it hardly makes a difference. The Vampire Prowler Halloween Animatronic is a full size prop that will send shivers down the spine of even the most hardened monster hunter. A bloodthirsty wolf-man, he stands over seven feet tall and features lifelike glass eyes. Hand furred, painted, and detailed by the master craftspeople at The Horror Dome, this ferocious beast looks as if he's about to lunge forward and sink his teeth into your jugular.