"Vampire Nightlife - Black" Halloween Wig

"Vampire Nightlife - Black" Halloween Wig

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Welcome to the party, guys, gals and ghouls. This dapper vamp really knows how to throw a bash. All the guests seem to be infatuated with is darkly seductive charm, and the freely flowing spirits are putting everyone in a gleefully intoxicated mood. One by one, they slip away with him to his bedchamber, and return dazed and drained with a soulless stare in their eyes. Will you resist this macabre temptation? Or will you become a part of his undead tribe?

The Vampire Nightlife wig from The Horror Dome is a premium quality costume accessory that will help you create a wonderful Halloween costume. This long, black wig comes together in a slight widow's peak. It's attractive, and features slight, stylish curls. Designed by talented artists and craftspeople it will look just like real hair, especially in the right setting.

Add a new character to your haunted house, greet kids at the door with a classic vampire costume, or cut a rug at the masquerade ball. The Nightlife Vampire knows how to have a good time. Make unforgettable memories with this amazing prop.