"Vampire Bat" HD Studios Pro Halloween Mask

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Beware the dark moonless night in an unexplored forest. Here, the Vampire Bat hunts for his prey. With long, pointy ears, he has exceptional hearing that can zero in on any mammal's heartbeat from high up in the sky. Out of the pitch black ether, he swoops in for the kill. Will he suck you dry and leave you for dead, or curse you with an ancient infection that damns you to an eternity of unsatisfiable bloodlust? With sharp fangs, a demonic, upturned nose, beady uncaring eyes, and tough pale skin, the Vampire Bat Halloween mask is an incredibly lifelike design that will make you the talk of the next raging costume party. Shoot an indie vampire flick, or display this mask with your collection of macabre merchandise. Hand painted by The Horror Dome, and manufactured from premium materials, this creepy creation is uncomfortably realistic. Freak out some young trick or treaters with this fearsome character.

Vampire Bat Features:

  • Full, Over the Head Halloween Mask
  • Made out of High Quality Latex
  • Hand Painted and Haired for Ultra Realism

The Vampire Bat is a collector Halloween mask offered exclusively by the experts at the Horror Dome.

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