"Undertone Vampire" Halloween Wig

"Undertone Vampire" Halloween Wig

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Enjoy the wicked delights of the undead cocktail party. Organized by the Undertone Vampire, all the classic ghouls are in attendance. From Count Dracula to Frankenstein's Monster, a horde of zombies, and Satan himself, it's truly the social event of the season, and no one brings a crowd together like this darkly charming host. Delight in her delicious concoctions, and cut a rug on the dance floor, but don't stick around too long, unless you want your fermented remains to end up in next year's punch bowl.

The black and white Undertone Vampire wig features two layers of long straight hip-length hair that forms into menacing, yet enticing, widow's peak bangs. Designed by the talented and twisted craftspeople at The Horror Dome, this fabulous costume accessory will help you craft a look that is equal parts macabre and magnificent. Wear with a black corset, and drape a cloak over your shoulders. Adorn with a metal skull or pentagram pendant necklace for added effect.

From professional haunted houses to indie movie shoots, and of course, a night trick or treating around the neighborhood, you'll find this premium black and white vampire wig always looks amazing.