"Undead Zombie" Halloween Costume Feet

"Undead Zombie" Halloween Costume Feet

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Take your fright game to the next level this Halloween with Undead Zombie Feet from The Horror Dome. These strikingly realistic costume accessories will give your ghastly getup a bid-budget look. When you're running a professional haunted house, every little detail matters. Outfit your actors with these disgusting feet, and send shivers down the spines of even the most hardened horror fans.

Looking to turn heads at the masquerade ball? Go with a group of friends as a horde of walkers. Simply pair these one-size-fits-most undead demon feet with a detailed zombie mask and decaying zombie hands. Add some old dirty, torn-up clothing and a helping of fake blood, and you'll look like you just stumbled off the screen.

These hand-crafted feet feature fungus-laden toe nails, and lesions and sores that expose rancid flesh and tendons. You can almost smell the death and rot when you look at these gnarly props. Made from premium latex, you'll get plenty of use out of these gruesome dogs. Freak out kids on the hayride, or entertain guests at your abode with these cinema-quality accessories.