"Ultimate Movie Quality Flesh Zombie Hands" Halloween Costume Gloves

"Ultimate Movie Quality Flesh Zombie Hands" Halloween Costume Gloves

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Hours after reports of the zombie apocalypse, things are still quiet around the house. You clutch a weapon and listen carefully as your battery-powered radio slowly fades outs. Then you hear a bang at the door, labored wheezing, and notice the disgusting odor of rotting flesh. Suddenly, the door is forced open and you catch one quick glimpse of a decaying Zombie hand, before a gust of wind extinguishes your candle and the undead horde streams into your home. The perfect complement to any zombie mask from The Horror Dome, these Ultimate Movie Quality Zombie hands are made from durable materials and hand painted for a shockingly lifelike (undead-like) look. Featuring long, menacing fingers, gross, fungus infected nails, and open sores that expose the bones of the forearm these amazing props will turn any holiday haunted house into a professional production. Win first prize at the costume party, and freak out the neighbors with these ghastly hands.

Ultimate Movie Quality Zombie Hands Features:

  • Lifelike, Movie Quality
  • Tight Fit to Ensure Realism
  • Hand Painted for Realistic Look

The Movie Quality Zombie Hands are realistic tightfitting hands made by the Horror Dome.

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