"Time Traveler Resurrection" Alien Halloween Mask

"Time Traveler Resurrection" Mask

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Visitors from the future have come to wreak havoc on the past. Are they an alien race attempting to wipe out humankind before we develop the technology to fight them? Perhaps they're the future of human evolution, breaking the temporal prime directive in order to prevent a catastrophe. Either way, they're in no mood to chitchat. Stay out of their way, unless you want to be vaporized by a ray gun.

The Time Traveller Resurrection Halloween mask from The Horror Dome is a premium, over the head design. Extending over shoulders and upper chest, you'll have a Hollywood-quality seamless look when you wear this mask with a shirt. With metallic, dark grey skin, piercing, large red/orange eyes, and a menacing breathing apparatus, it's impossible to say if this is some sort of high-tech survival suit made for cheating space/time, or if this is simply the way these beasts have evolved.

Create an sinister extraterrestrial plot for your haunted house, craft a stunning costume that will turn heads at the masquerade ball, or jump out from the woods and scare the socks off local trick or treaters as they roam the neighborhood in search of candy.

Full over the head latex mask, individually hand painted and sculpted.