"The Tin Man" HD Studios Pro Halloween Mask

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Not exactly the affable fellow from Oz, to say this Tin Man lacks a heart would be an epic understatement. Created in a top secret government lab to be an unstoppable killing machine who can easily blend in with a crowd of humans, he's extremely strong, super-intelligent, and possesses lightning-fast reflexes. Programmed to kill without remorse, he was supposed to be deactivated until his covert mission began. When the truck transporting him wrecked on an icy mountain road, he was accidentally activated and escaped into a nearby small town. The Tin Man Halloween mask is a Hollywood-quality over the head design that will provide a seamless, realistic look when worn with a shirt or jacket. This ruthless robot has chunks of his artificial flesh ripped away, revealing a titanium skeleton. Hand painted by the inspired (and slightly deranged) artists at The Horror Dome, you'll appreciate the sharp detailing on this collectable mask.

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