"The Skull" HD Studios Pro Halloween Mask

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Stripped to the bone of meat and flesh, this supernatural demon is still not dead. Possessed by an evil spirit, this skeleton stalks the land looking for vulnerable victims. He loves to pick off a child on the way home from school after dark, or a drunk staggering out of the pub late at night. When luckless individuals encounter this murderous beast, they usually suffer a heart attack at the sight of his dreadful face. A classic Halloween mask, The Skull is The Horror Dome's take on popular skeleton ghouls. Hand crafted and painted for a cinema-quality level of realism, this disturbing creation will freak out guests at your haunted house, or make your indie monster flick look incredibly big-budget. Wear it with a black robe or cloak, or class up your holiday with a suit or tux. Made from durable latex, you'll go back to this ghastly mask year after year.

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